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If You’re Losing Muscles Because Of Aging, These 20-Second Workouts Are Just For You!


Since we are born, our body grows all the time. Unfortunately, one of our body parts that starts to weaken in time are our muscles. They usually become weaker when we become 30 years old. So, you’re probably wondering what you can do in order to decrease muscle degeneration, but also strengthen your whole body. According to scientists, they can now say that they have found the best exercise which can help you in case of arthritis, immobility and most importantly, improve the condition of your aging muscles.

What does muscle atrophy represent?

Muscle degeneration or otherwise called atrophy appears when the muscles become weaker and smaller because they lose mass. As we age, the cells in our whole body start to renew themselves. The part of our cells which produces energy called mitochondria becomes reduced in number and as a result of that it also weakens.  

When does it start?

Muscle degeneration usually appears between 30 and 40 years of age. In case you’re not a person who is physically active, then your body will lose up to 5% of muscle mass after you become 30. The age between 70 and 80 brings a decreasing of muscle mass (almost half of it), so you’d better start doing some physical exercise every day so that your aging process can go smoothly.

What problems can it cause?

  • Frailty: your body is weaker as your muscles are becoming weaker. According to a particular study, people who had muscle degeneration could fall more often compared to the ones who had stronger muscles.
  • Disability: your movements become more limited because of muscle degeneration. You also lose numerous functions in your body. Even some ordinary activities like doing housework, climbing stairs or walking half a mile become impossible.
  • Arthritis: according to a particular study, there was a connection between people who had rheumatoid arthritis and the ones who suffered from muscle degeneration. Women were more affected than men.  
  • Mortality: according to a separate study, people who had pancreatic surgery were with an increased risk of death during the next 3 years in case they suffered from muscle degeneration.

One workout can help you fight muscle atrophy!

Muscle degeneration can be a serious condition, but there is help. Here, we’re going to present you a particular exercise that can help you with this condition, especially on your cells! Take a good look!

The workout

During a particular study, various workouts were given to the people who participated in it. One of the groups used an exercise bike at a moderate pace for 30 minutes. They also lifted weights lightly. Another group only lifted weights regularly, while the third group used an exercise bike, too but pedaling intensely in intervals of 4 minutes.

The third group managed to build increased endurance. The genes of both the participants who were younger and the ones who were older were at various activity levels. The tests showed that the exercise affected 400 genes in people who were 65 years old or older and 274 genes in people who were 30 years old or younger than that. In the other groups, the numbers were much lower.

According to the study, more intense exercises gave healthier mitochondria that were increased in number. The people felt like they had increased energy. It was also proved that the workout had an increased positive effect on the participants who were older.

Interval training workout

This is a workout that contains 10 exercises that should be repeated 3 times. Every time you repeat it, it should last for 20 seconds. After every repetition, you must make a break of 10 seconds.

  • Static squat
  • Water break
  • X burpees
  • Evan burpees
  • Split jumps
  • 2 jump jacks + 4 high knees
  • Curtsy jump lunge
  • 3,2,1 lunges
  • Butt kickers
  • Flutter kick squats
  • Up and out jacks

How start doing interval training during your regular routine?

In case you exercise regularly and you have a workout routine, you can include interval training in it very easily. We’re offering you some tips on that:

First, you must warm up!

This should be done regularly. You also have to warm up your shoulders, neck, hips, wrists, ankles and legs.

Slow start is the best thing you can do!

Make sure you exercise for 20 seconds. Then, make a break for 40 or 60 seconds. Always use that time. If you try to do exercises more intensely, you may end up injuring yourself quickly.

Set a timer!

It’s very important to be aware of the time! Still, make sure you have your focus on your workout and not on counting your seconds or minutes!

Exercising 3-4 times a week is the most optimal!

In interval training, you must have a relaxed body. You also need the days that are between to relax from the intense training. Do cardio instead if you mean to do exercises every day.

These tips are especially helpful if you have a regular routine. You must understand that physical activity is really necessary and extremely good for your body since it offers an abundance of benefits! Your health will be excellent, too!

Here is a video that can help you do every exercise properly!