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Woman Finds Her Long-Lost Engagement Ring On a Carrot


Life is a profound experience, but it’s fair to say that it’s also very strange sometimes. Have you been a witness to a one-in-a-million coincidence? Some people are very lucky – take Mary Grams for example. She lost her engagement ring she wore her whole life 13 years ago and it was recently found at a pretty unusual place.

While preparing dinner one night, Coleen Daly went to the garden in her backyard to get lettuce and carrots. While picking carrots, she saw one with quite an unusual shape. She took it out of the ground and to her amusement, there was a ring around its middle! Clueless, Coleen showed the ring to her husband, and surprisingly, he knew who lost it.

It was his mom, Mary Grams.

The son started living with Coleen in their old family house around 15 years ago when Mary and her late husband Norman moved away. Mary lost her engagement ring one day, and fearing that it would upset Norman, she bought a similar one and wore it without him knowing. No one knew about the incident but her son, and he kept quiet as well. Mary was in tears as soon as she got the ring back. Sadly, Norman passed away 6 years ago, so he couldn’t share this happy moment with her.

Now, Mary has vowed never to lose her ring again. When we lose something precious, we eventually accept it and move on. However, the desire to get something lost back never fades away. Mary was lucky to get her engagement ring back when the chances of it were pretty low. Isn’t life strange?



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