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She Will Leave You Even If She Loves You If You’re Not Around


No matter how strong the flame between them burns, women often leave men they love. It might seem counterintuitive and they certainly feel bad about it, but it happens pretty often. This kind of decision requires a lot of courage and strength, but when women set their mind on something, they can leave behind men who they were destined to marry.

Why? Well, the list of reasons is long but solid. First and foremost, it’s not about cheating. Instead, it’s because he didn’t hang around much. This doesn’t mean he spent way too much time with his friends out – he may not have been present because of gaming, work or something else.

Women hate it when their man is not around. When they decide to live with someone, they need their full devotion. Of course, not being around doesn’t make a man bad by default. However, taking their wife for granted and not spending much time at home is a pretty serious offense. As some women explain, someone could steal them in front of their husbands’ nose and they wouldn’t even notice. It’s enough to drive a woman mad and leave her husband, even if he was the love of her life.

To all the men reading – your woman is not your property. Don’t take her for granted. Spend time with your family – that’s all she wants. You’ll probably realize what you lose when she walks out the door, but by that point, it will already be too late. No matter how great your love is, you need to win your woman over every day.

Being present is the first step to it. She needs to know that you’re there for her and that she has your support. She wants a deep, meaningful relationship and sex – not an emotionless quickie. She can have that any time she wants. Your woman needs you to be around her and she needs you to listen to what she’s saying.

She wants you to communicate with her openly and give her your full attention. Be mindful of her needs – when she walks out, you’ll realize that you blew a huge opportunity.

Work is not an excuse, fatigue is not an excuse. You always have time to spend with your wife. If you don’t do it, you’re risking losing her. And trust us – not being around will come back to bite you in the a** sooner rather than later.



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