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If You Want To Have Successful Children, You Need To Have These Traits!


Every person who is considering themselves of being good parents like having children who will behave well, will be good at school and will know how to do many things adults can do. Still, we have to admit that there isn’t a particular recipe that will help your children become successful, but what there is includes some factors that can help you make a prediction of success.

You won’t be surprised when we say that a greater part of the job needs to be done by the parents.

Recent research connects several common habits that can put the parents of successful children in one group:

1. Children Need To Do Chores

According to the author of a famous book called “How to Raise an Adult”, Julie Lythcott-Haims, this is something children need to be taught of. When you learn your children to do some work like: doing the laundry, doing the dishes, removing the garbage or anything connected to doing chores, they will learn that it’s very important to contribute. They will learn how to be a part of a team and be responsible for some things. Your children will learn to be more independent.

2. Social Skills Are A Part Of Their Children

A particular research made by Duke University and Pennsylvania State University managed to prove that children who helped other children, knew how to solve problems and understood each other’s feelings had increased chances of a degree from any college as well as a full-time job by the age of 25. Children with social skills that were limited applied for public housing more, became alcoholics and some of them even got into prison. If we want to have children whose future will be healthy, we need to make sure they have developed emotional as well as social skills.

3. Their Expectations Are High

It is very important whether a parent has high expectations for their children. The children will be pushed towards that goal no matter what.

4. There Aren’t Conflicts Between Them And They Get On Very Well

Children in high-conflict families, whether intact or divorced, tend to fare worse than children of parents that get along, according to a University of Illinois study review.

Robert Hughes Jr., professor and head of the Department of Human and Community Development in the College of ACES at the University of Illinois and study review author, also notes that some studies have found children in nonconflictual single-parent families fare better than children in conflictual two-parent families.

Children who come from families where there was often conflict or even a divorce end up having conflicts themselves and feeling distressed. They also feel a lot of pain, regret as well as a great loss. They can’t adjust to living a calm life. Even if a marriage has to end up in divorce, the children who are visited by their father or mother frequently will be better than the ones who didn’t have a contact with either of their parents.

5. In Case A Conflict Appears In Front Of The Children, It Is Fair

When parents have a conflict in front of their children and they manage to compromise and support each other with no hard feelings, their children learn to have more self-esteem and feel more secure emotionally. Their children will be sure that their parents know the way to making things better.

When parents fight without thinking of their children or don’t want to communicate, their children will feel stressed, angry, tired, worried, behaviorally-challenged, anxious, etc. They will find it hard to adjust to situations and react properly. They will also have problems when they go to university.

6. Their Levels Of Education Have Become Higher

Children of parents who went to college will probably go to college themselves. They will also have increased success at all levels. When parents have higher aspirations, their children will have higher aspirations as well.

7. Math Is A Subject Which Is Taught From An Early Age  

Try to teach your children to know about numbers and math concepts at an early age. They should begin school by knowing the basics. That will help them achieve better skills at math, but also other subjects.

8. Parents Are Especially Connected To Their Children

This kind of a special connection will help your children have better tests at school and later better academic success, but also sharing healthy relationships with the people around them.

9. They Pay Attention To The Stress

It’s very important to spend quality time with your children as well as at work. If you’re stressed and feel pressure because of work and you can’t find time for your children, that will affect them very bad. They’ll start behaving bad and stressed as well.

10. Even If They Fail, They Value The Effort Into It

Where kids think success comes from also predicts their attainment.

If a child is grown with a knowledge that he/she needs to avoid failure and that it’s important to have the best tests, you’ll create a person who’ll do anything to be the best. On the other hand, if your child is taught that the effort they put into something they’ve done is very important and they succeeded because of it, they’ll know that in case they fail some other time, it won’t be because they aren’t intelligent, but the most important thing is they tried.

11. Mothers Work Outside Of Their Home

It is really important to be a good role model. So, if your child is raised by a mother who doesn’t stay at home and works, but she goes to work, he/she is more likely to get a job as a supervisor or have a job that will earn a greater amount of money. Working mothers produce children who know that it’s very important to work and earn your income and not to stay at home and expect that only the father is the one who brings money.

12. Their Socioeconomic Status Is Higher

Children who live in families with low income are more likely to grow with a lower socioeconomic status of their own, too. The ones that grew in higher statuses will probably have better education and better status.

13. Being Rational Is What Matters

The best way to connect to your child is to let him/her know that you’re the one who has the authority, but you don’t strangle them. Being rational is the right thing. If you always control your child or maybe you accept them as they are, you’ll end up having a disrespectful child that won’t know how to behave well.

14. Grit Is Something They Use

You need to make sure you raise children with great imagination who are willing to commit. Only in this way they’ll be able to shape their future.

15. Children’s Names Are Also Important

This is also something that has an effect on the success of your children. People who gave their children short names that can be pronounced easily and are known as common will shape successful children.

16. It’s Important To Teach The Children To Good Nutrition

Everyone who is successful will agree that eating good food helps you become more productive and stay focused on your goal.

If you teach your children this, they’ll create a positive image of good food. They’ll learn to accept their body and be positive towards food. Only that will help them become healthy physically as well as mentally.



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