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According To New Researches, Optimized Levels Of Vitamin D Can Decrease The Levels Of Cholesterol, Prevent Autism And Double The Chances Of Surviving Breast Cancer!


Summertime is often many people’s favorite season. People like to feel free, wear lighter clothes and enjoy sunshine. We should all know that sun is the best way to supply ourselves with vitamin D. This vitamin is extremely important for our health and if we don’t supply it from exposing ourselves to sunlight, we’ll have to take oral vitamin D.

The study we’re going to present you today has examined the effect this particular vitamin has on breast health. It was proved that it is necessary for the prevention of this disease because it has the ability to influence on even 10% of our genes!

Vitamin D can help us against chronic inflammations and infections. It can also decrease the levels of your LDL cholesterol and some researchers claim that it even affects autism beneficially!

Breast Cancer and Vitamin D

Vitamin D has been researched since 2000. There have been numerous researches since them and there are many that show the benefits of this vitamin against cancer.

There are even some researchers who claim that breast cancer can be caused by the lack of vitamin D. A research from 2014 even discovered that patients who had very high levels of vitamin D in their body became more likely to survive when they were compared to women who had low levels of this vitamin.

The research took 9 years and over 4,500 breast cancer patients were examined.

Vitamin D possesses various anti-carcinogenic effects. It can even increase the death of cancer cells, called apoptosis. It also decreases the growth of blood vessels found to be feeding a tumor.

Researchers claim that it’s very important for patients who suffer from breast cancer restore their levels of vitamin D levels to a certain range which is considered to be normal and that’s from 30 to 80 ng/ml. You can also have more increased levels than 80. It will still be beneficial for you.

The Proper Dosage of Vitamin D To Prevent  Breast Cancer?

According to the lead researchers, patients had to intake vitamin D far more than regularly. No matter the dosage these patients would intake, they still didn’t result with vitamin D toxicity.

Still, doctors can’t tell you the real dosage because it is different from one person to another. You always have to check your levels of vitamin D so that you can make sure they are relevant clinically and your doctor should recommend you the proper dosage if you need it according to them.  

Your Cholesterol Levels Will Be Grateful Too!

According to another study, when vitamin D was combined with calcium, it reduced the levels of LDL cholesterol in postmenopausal women.

There were over 30 women who were examined. The research also managed to prove that the healthy levels of your sulfur and cholesterol depend on the levels of vitamin D in your organism. The lead researcher also believed that arterial plaque and cardiovascular problems appear because of the lack of cholesterol sulfate.

Optimize Your Levels Of Vitamin D With The Help Of Sun Exposure

As we mentioned previously, we need to be exposed to the sun in order to have proper amounts of vitamin D. We also need to intake a lot of omega-3 and omega-6 healthy fatty acids so that we can have an optimal health.

Serotonin Synthesis And Vitamin D Can Be The Cause For The Appearance Of Autism

A research performed in Oakland managed to prove that vitamin D may also help against the autism spectrum disorder (ASD). It was proved that this vitamin has the ability to activate the gene which is responsible for the production of tryptophan hydroxylase 2 (TPH2). This is actually an enzyme that converts tryptophan to serotonin in your brain. Also vasopressin and oxytocin, which are brain hormones become activated by vitamin D.

According to the researchers, the treatment should include omega-3 fats, vitamin D and tryptophan so that the concentration of brain serotonin could be increased without any side effects. There may also be a connection between the intake of vitamin D of a pregnant woman and a fetus that can develop ASD. That’s why it is advised for pregnant women to be exposed to sun so that they can have normal levels of vitamin D of 50-70 ng/ml.

Always Test Your Levels Of Vitamin D!

The ideal time to test your levels of vitamin D is after winter when you’re exposed to the sun minimally. If you find out that your levels are low, intake vitamin D orally and then test yourself again in the middle of summer.

Vitamin D

As we already said it, the best way to supply yourself with enough vitamin D is through sun exposure.  You can also find an application called DMinder very useful. It is based on the weather conditions you’re in, but also uses your age and skin tone. It’s a smart app that will tell you when you should protect from sunburn, the amount of UV radiation you’re under and how much vitamin D you intake.

In case you’re in an area when you can’t get plenty of sunshine, then consider buying a tanning bed or at least visit salons to do treatments. Although these beds are said to cause cancer, still there are good and bad types. The dangerous ones use magnetic ballasts to generate light and you should always avoid them.

In case you’re a very strong opponent to using tanning beds, then your last option is to intake vitamin D orally, through a supplement. According to numerous experts, the ideal dosage per pound of body weight is 35 IUs of vitamin D.

Take Vitamin K2 If You Decide To Take Vitamin D Orally!

In case you would still prefer to take a supplement, you should take vitamin K with vitamin D. Vitamin K helps us move the calcium we have in our body anywhere it is needed. The best areas for that are our teeth and bones. Calcium shouldn’t be in our soft tissues or arteries, so it also helps us remove it from there.  

Vitamin D toxicity can offer come consequences that are incredibly similar to vitamin K2. One of the most common ones is the inappropriate calcification which makes our arteries hardened. When we intake sufficient amounts of vitamin D, our body can make more proteins that depend on vitamin K2 and they’re necessary for the movement of calcium throughout our body. If we don’t have vitamin K2, we can’t activate those proteins. Their true potential and benefits aren’t used. Don’t forget to take vitamin K2 if you intake vitamin D. Just remember how these vitamins are very important nutrients and we need them so that we can improve the health of our heart as well as to acquire strong bones and teeth.