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Vetiver Oil Is Excellent For Your Brain Health, But It Also Helps Against Anxiety And ADHD!


Vetiver oil is known for thousand years. It has been used in the traditional medicine in West Africa, South Asia and Southeast Asia. It originates from India and people use its roots and leaves. This is a sacred herb. It’s abundant in various protective, soothing, uplifting and healing properties. It’s especially popular tropical countries because it’s a natural body cooler. India and Sri Lanka call it “the oil of tranquility.”

It can be used for a variety of problems like skin problems, heat strokes or joint disorders. It can also increase your energy and help you against nervousness and anxiety.

According to a recent research, vetiver oil showed excellent results in cases of ADHD and ADD. It can also cure insomnia and increase your libido.


The Vetiver Plant and Its Components

Vetiver is otherwise called Chrysopogon zizanioide. It is a perennial bunchgrass of the Poaceae family and is native to India where people also call it khus. Morphologically, it’s similar to citronella, palmarosa or lemongrass.

This plant is especially tolerant of drought.

Vetiver oil is prepared by distillation from the plant’s roots. It possesses over 100 components: vetiselinenol, beta-vetivenene, khusimene, beta-vetivone, delta-selinene, khusimone, cyclocopacamphan-12-ol (epimers A and B), khusimol and alpha-vetivone isovalencenol. It is amber-brown in color and the fragrance is similar to woody, sweet and smoky.

7 Vetiver Oil Benefits

1. Proven Antioxidant

According to a study from 2005 on the Department of Food Science and Human Nutrition at Clemson University in South Carolina which evaluated the antioxidant activity vetiver oil has, it was proved that it contains a very strong antioxidant activity that can fight free radicals.

2. Heals Scars and Marks on Skin

Vetiver oil heals scars and promotes skin regeneration. It also removes any dark spot, stretch mark, acne as well as numerous other skin problems.

Vetiver oil contains antiseptic and antibacterial properties and can remove any type of infection. It’s especially useful after surgeries.

3. Treats ADHD

According to a study from 2001 by Dr. Terry Friedman, vetiver oil can definitely treat children with ADHD. Among numerous oils included in the study like: cedarwood, Brain Power, lavender and vetiver, vetiver showed the most promising results. It managed to increase the performance in these children by 100%!  

4. Serves as an Aphrodisiac

Numerous people have problems with decreased libido. According to several performed studies, vetiver oil can relax your mind as it possesses sedative and calming properties which will cause a natural balance for your hormones.

Vetiver will increase your testosterone levels, but it also possesses gentle estrogen-like effects. It is amazing in cases of emotional changes, bloating, skin issues, PMS cramps etc.

5. Improves Body Function

Vetiver oil has the ability to improve your nervous as well as immune system. It can be even used in cases of various types of cancer since it decreases the effects of a chemotherapy drug! Using vetiver oil frequently will help you improve your digestion, brain, immune, heart, system as well as stimulate your complete organism.

6. Soothes Anxiety and Nervousness

Vetiver oil has a history of use in aromatherapy because it alleviates panic attacks, hysteria, emotional stress, insomnia, depression, trauma and anxiety. According to a study where vetiver oil was given to rats, it managed to decrease their amount of stress just like Diazepam would.

7. Repels Termites

According to a study performed by the Louisiana State University Agricultural Center where numerous oils were included (clove bud, eucalyptus citrodora vetiver grass, geranium oils cassia leaf oil, cedarwood, eucalyptus globules and lemongrass) vetiver oil was discovered to be the best pest and mites repellent because it possesses a long-lasting activity.

Vetiver Oil History & Interesting Facts

Ayurvedic medicine is one of the most famous to use vetiver oil. It was mostly used by people with fevers, headaches, muscular aches and arthritis pain. It was also used to massage brides before marriage.

Its most popular use was in numerous scents, especially masculine. Vetiver grass on the other hand has been used to make curtains roof thatches, rugs and baskets.

It is nowadays used as a pest repellant and to control weed in plantations of tea, coffee and cocoa.

How to Find Vetiver Oil

Vetiver oil can be easily found in any healthy food store or online. It can be mostly used together with lemongrass essential oil, rose oil,  sandalwood essential oil, geranium oil, bergamot oil, ginger essential oil, jasmine oil, cedarwood essential oil, patchouli essential oil, lavender essential oil, orange oil and lemon oil.

Easy Vetiver Oil Uses

Here, we’re offering you some easy ways to use vetiver oil at home:
  • Soak several clean vetiver roots in some cooled boiling water. Leave them to rest for 2–3 hours. The pot should be covered during this time. This water can be used to calm your body and purify your blood.
  • You can use a vetiver oil bath for relaxation and against insomnia! Just put 5–10 drops of this amazing oil in your bath water! You can combine it with rose essential or lavender oil to have a better effect.  
  • Put 1-2 drops of vetiver oil on your chest, neck or wrists and you’ll improve the state of your mind.
  • Mix 3–5 drops of vetiver oil with equal parts of jojoba oil. Your mind will be peaceful and your skin moisturized and clean. Massage yourself with it and enjoy!

Possible Vetiver Oil Side Effects

This amazing oil is a substance which is non-toxic, non-irritant and non-sensitizing. It doesn’t cause any side-effect whatsoever, but still, the ones that should avoid it are women who are pregnant or breastfeeding. There isn’t too much information on how it affects a nursing infant. Vetiver oil can be consumed for medical uses and also the vetiver water we mentioned previously is pretty safe to use.

According to some researches, if it’s taken orally, unfortunately vetiver oil can cause a miscarriage, but it is yet to be researched. No other side- effects are known, so if you doubted trying it, now is your chance! You’ll be amazed by its effects!