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Use Turmeric Every Day and Remove Toxins And Fat From Your Liver Naturally And Efficiently!


Turmeric belongs to the family of Ginger, known as Zingiberaceae in its Latin name. It originates from southeast India. People mostly know it as the main spice that is used to prepare curry. Its taste is bitter and warm. It also adds color, so it’s used to color butter, mustard, cheese etc.  

Turmeric root is also used to prepare a natural remedy. People use it against intestinal gas, arthritis, stomach bloating, heartburn, bronchitis, stomach pain, headaches, diarrhea, infected wounds, gallbladder disorders, inflammation, bruising, colds etc. This root is really amazing!  

Here are the most amazing 5 reasons why you should start using turmeric every day!

1. Liver Detoxifier / Fat Blocker 

The most active ingredient is curcumin. It has the ability to improve the function of your liver by blocking fat. It also suppresses the blood vessels which form the fat issue. Turmeric detoxifies our blood since it also produces enzymes which have the ability to break down toxins in the body. This makes turmeric an excellent cure against hangover.

2. Boosts Your Immune System 

Lipopolysaccharide is a great substance in turmeric which works as an excellent stimulator for our immune system. It possesses antifungal, antibacterial and antiviral agents. You can use it every day, especially when you’re not feeling well. You’ll see that it will lift you up in a moment!  

3. Reduces Inflammation 

Turmeric has a volatile oil fraction which has a significant anti-inflammatory activity. Curcumin is even more powerful than some very powerful medicines like phenylbutazone and hydrocortisone or Motrin which is an over-the-counter anti-inflammatory agent. Curcumin doesn’t cause side-effects nor toxicity like numerous prescription drugs. It can be a very effective treatment against arthritis, inflammatory bowel disease, as well as a wide range of other inflammatory diseases.

4. Cancer Prevention 

Curcumin is an antioxidant which are known to be especially helpful in the protection of the colon cells from free radicals which damage the cellular DNA. The mutated cancer cells can’t spread throughout the body and the damage is prevented. Turmeric can also stop the growth of cancer which already exists in the body. That’s why it is considered to be a part of the group of the best protectors against tumors induced by radiation.

5. Reduces Cholesterol Level 

Turmeric also possesses effects that decrease the levels of cholesterol in our blood. Our liver becomes well-cleaned and detoxified when we use turmeric constantly.

Here are the best 5 ways to use turmeric every day and include it into your diet:


Here’s a great recipe for a healthy smoothie: 2 cups of almond, ½ – 1 teaspoon of turmeric, several handfuls of spinach or kale, 1 cup of frozen pineapple, some coconut milk, a bit of fresh ginger and 1 cup of frozen mango.


Boil some water and add 2 ½ teaspoons of turmeric. You can also add some honey and lemon zest. If you want your tea to be extra powerful, add some black pepper, cinnamon or ginger.

Spice Up Vegetables 

You can add turmeric into anything, just like you use salt or pepper. Add it on cooked greens, broccoli, sweet potatoes or cauliflower. The taste will be excellent!

Yellow Mustard 

Turmeric gives the bright yellow color to yellow mustard. Yellow mustard can be used as a condiment or into salad dressings. Combine it with some great vinegar or extra virgin olive oil and that’s it!


Eggs are an excellent combination with turmeric. No matter how you prefer them, this amazing spice will be their excellent addition!