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Use Irish Spring Soap In Several Spots In Your Garden And See What Happens! It’s Amazing!


If you have a garden and you’re tired of all the pests, herbivores, deer or pesky rabbits trying to destroy your trees and plants, then we’ve got the perfect solution for you! It may sound incredible, but it’s true! It’s the amazing Irish Spring soap. It has an amazing smell, but what makes it even more wonderful are its benefits.

Yes, you can use this wonderful soap as a mammal repellent for your garden.

This soap is amazing! It won’t disappear in the rain as it is rainproof which means it can stay wet. All mammals including deer and rabbits find the smell disgusting, so it’s a perfect repellent.  

There are numerous repellents on the market, but most of them should be applied after rain and they’re also expensive. This soap we’re proposing to you today is very cheap. A pack of 12 bars of this amazing soap are about $13.

Here’s how you can use this soap to repel any mammal:

First, you should cut a bar of soap in tiny pieces. Put them in some pouches or any cloth you can find.

You can secure the pouch with some strings or just use a staple gun. Put them on wooden stakes.

Put those stakes all around your garden.

You can also put some tiny pieces of soap all over the ground.

If you can’t be sure of what’s damaging your garden, you should look at the leaves. Insects usually leave half-eaten leaves with serrated edges. Mammals destroy the whole leaf and leave a clean cut.

Unfortunately, this soap doesn’t repel insects. It only works with mammals. Your outdoor area will also smell fresh and nice!

Here’s an interesting video we’ve prepared for you where you can see how to use Irish Spring soap as a mammal repellent: