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This Type Of Flour Is Extremely Dangerous As It Causes Tumors In The Thyroid And The Kidneys!


The American diet is very bad. Most premature deaths as well as chronic diseases are caused by it. We still don’t know and aren’t aware of it, but many things we eat every day are killing us very slowly. White flour is one of them.

In 1910, it was considered to be inadequate for humans. Nowadays, the people who produce it put numerous fungicides, pesticides and insecticides. Even 60 chemicals can bleach flour!  

5 Very Shocking Secrets Concerning White Flour

  1. Bleached flour doesn’t contain nutrients

Eve 75% of all the vitamins and minerals from the wheat seeds and germ are being removed during the process of manufacture. 97% of all the dietary fiber becomes lost. 50% of calcium and vitamin E is also lost as well as 70% of B vitamins, magnesium and iron.

  1. Added Potassium Bromate

When all the nutrients are removed, the flour becomes improved using chlorine dioxide. After that, it’s bleached and preserved. During the process of whitening, the manufacturers use alum, chalk and ammonium carbonate so that it can look more appealing.

During the ultimate stage, they add sorbitan mono-saturate. This is an anti-salting agent. They also add potassium bromate, which is an extremely powerful oxidizer. It’s a carcinogen chemical which has even been banned in many countries throughout the world.

  1. White flour can be used as a natural insecticide

As unbelievable as it seems, white flour is an insecticide which is natural. As soon as an insect comes into contact with white flour, it dies.

  1. It’s full of L-cysteine

L-cysteine is a non-essential amino acid. The industrial process of baked goods is made faster by adding it. It is also present in numerous pizza doughs, cookies, pastries, pastas and fast food buns.

Some techniques that use it and are very expensive include duck feathers and human hair as it can be synthesized in the lab. Some other sources that contain this acid are chicken feathers, petroleum byproducts and cow horns. It mostly comes from China which is known to have a very poor food regulation.

  1. White flour is full of the diabetes-causing contaminant called alloxan

Alloxan is a substance which makes white flour fresh and clean. Scientific studies proved that it destroys the beta cells and affects the pancreas negatively. Tit is a toxin that can also destroy vitamin E.