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Turmeric Works Better for Knee Pain Than Most NSAIDs


For years, science has been studying the amazing health benefits of turmeric. Also known as one of the most powerful anti-inflammatory foods in nature, turmeric is a plant that offers a multitude of other health benefits. For example, studies have found that turmeric can also help in cases of fatty liver disease and can also make you lose weight. And, even though there’s a need for more extensive research, science has known for quite a while that turmeric can treat certain types of pain better than most NSAIDs.

A recent report published in the Health Services Research showed that knee pain sufferers benefit from natural remedies more than they benefit from Ibuprofen, for example. Plus, they’re far safer. Many leading health experts have been warning about the dangers of Ibuprofen, which can destroy your liver and heart. It may treat the pain for a while, but in the long run, it will cause serious damage to your body.

Long-term use of Ibuprofen and similar drugs has been associated with heart attack, which is why people have turned to natural remedies instead.

Turmeric vs. Ibuprofen

A recent research has shown turmeric extract is far more beneficial for knee and joint pain than Ibuprofen. The extract had no side-effects as well and works naturally by reducing inflammation. In the study, a group was given around 2 mg. of turmeric extract per day for 6 weeks, while the other group took Ibuprofen.

In the end, the results showed that the turmeric group had experienced much better pain relief, which was later confirmed by a bigger study.

Ibuprofen has been found to cause headaches, nausea, and vomiting besides having a devastating effect on the liver. It’s also bad for your heart, so if you’re suffering from knee pain, you should go with turmeric.

How to Use Turmeric for Knee Pain?

Apart from spicing up your meals with powdered turmeric, you can also enjoy it in the form of tea. No matter what you pick, you will definitely improve your overall health and defeat that awful knee pain that’s been nagging you for so long.



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