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Try This Exercise to Strenghten Your Core and Eliminate Belly Fat


You’ve surely heard all about planks. The simple, yet powerful exercise can be used to strengthen and flatten your core, effectively getting rid of that extra belly fat. This is the hardest area to lose fat as it takes a lot of dedication and time. Most of us don’t have the time for running sessions or to hit the gym, and to be honest, most diets don’t work. However, planks certainly do. Reverse planks work even better, but only if you do them properly.

Planks will keep your glutes tight and keep your abs and back in shape. Reverse planks seem to be even more beneficial. They’re a low-impact exercise that can do wonders for that excess belly fat, especially if paired with regular exercise. Even if you don’t combine them, they’ll still help. Of course, we strongly recommend you try to be more physically active in order to lose belly fat faster. Start doing reverse planks every day and the results will be amazing.

How to do the Reverse Plank

Reverse planks are actually simple plank but done in, well, reverse. Instead of going down on your forehands and tiptoes, you’ll do it the other way around. This time, your belly will go up while you prop yourself up on your hands and heels. The most important thing about this exercise is to keep a proper form. Whenever your hips start to sink down, go back to the original position. After a few days, you should be comfortable enough to do reverse planks properly. If it’s too hard to keep yourself up on your hands and heels, go down on your forearms and elbows.

Here’s a quick video that will explain the exercise:


Sit on the floor first and keep your back straight and your legs stretched in front. Now, lean back at 45 degrees, then place your hands firmly on the ground beside you and lift yourself up. Your arms should be in line with your shoulders and just behind your hips. Support your whole weight on the hands and heels while squeezing your core and glutes. Hold for as much as 30 seconds then slowly go back down and repeat after a 1-2 minute break.

Do the same a few times per day, regulate your diet and be more physically active to kiss the excess belly fat goodbye.