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The Toxic Chemical Glyphosate Of Roundup Has Been Found In All Of the Tested California Wines


Usage of the Glyphosate went uncontrolled and now appears even in types of foods that weren’t directly sprayed, such as the grapes that are used in the production of organic wine.

The glyphosate is the active ingredient that is found in Roundup, the herbicide from Monsanto. It is the most used chemical for agriculture. It is used in various different herbicides (which are 700 in total), but Roundup is the one that is used the most.

10 out of 10 Wines That Were Tested Were Positive in Glyphosate

One anonymous supporter from the advocacy group, called Moms Across America, have sent ten samples of wine for testing of the contain of glyphosate. All of these samples were tested to be positive for the chemical glyphosate — including the organic wines, even though their levels have been significantly lower.

18.74 parts per billion was the highest level that was detected, found in a Cabernet Sauvignon bottle from 2013 from one conventional vineyard. It’s was over 28 times higher than all the other samples that have been through the test.

0.659 parts per level is the lowest level and it has been found in a bottle Syrah 2013, which has been produced by an organic and biodynamic vineyard. The organic wine that was made of combined red wine grapes from year 2012 proved to be positive for the chemical glyphosate in 0.913 parts per level.

How Does the Glyphosate Finish In Bottles of Wine?

Glyphosate is not directly sprayed onto the grapes in the vineyards since it would destroy the vines on that way. Very often, it is used for spraying just the ground surrounding the grape vines.

According to Moms Across America, this process results in 2-to 4- foot strip of the chemical Roundup that is being sprayed into the soil with grapevines. Dr. Don Huber, at the Acres USA farm conference said that in this process the vine stems are being sprayed inevitably and this chemical is absorbed into the roots and it’s being translocated into the grapes and leaves.

There is also a big chance that this contamination is a result of glyphosate that remains into the soil after the conventional farm converted to organic; glyphosate could stay inside for over 20 years.

Glyphosate Has Benn Detected in Even 14 Types of German Beers

There has been a study of residues of glyphosate, made by the Environmental Institute from Munich, which has found glyphosate in even top 14 German beers. The beers were tested in glyphosate levels in more than 0.1 microgram limit that is being allowed in the drinking water.

The levels were ranging from 29.74 micrograms per liter that was found in the beer Hasseroeder to 0.46 micrograms per liter, found in Augustiner.

The testing from laboratory that has been commissioned by Sustainable Pulse and Moms Across America found that glyphosate is now appearing almost everywhere, such as urine and blood samples, drinking water, breast milk and even more.

This finding might be a blow to the German industry of beer in general. Germany is a huge beer and has long prided themself to be brewing the purest type of beer.

Many people are not really aware of the fact that the chemical glyphosate is patented to be an antibiotic. It is meant to kill the bacteria, being a main way to damage both,  he human health and the soils. Recent research has been concluded that Roundup and some other pesticides are promoting a resistance to antibiotics.

Anthony Samsel, Ph.D. is the scientist that was the person who has found the patents showing glyphosate is an antibiotic and a biocide. The study in poultry showed that the chemical is able to destroy the beneficial bacteria in the gut and it also promotes the spreading of the pathogenic bacteria.

He also reported that the chronic low-dose oral exposure to glyphosate is the disorder in the balance of the gut microbes, which leads to an over-representation of pathogens, which is a chronic inflammatory condition in the gut and a weakened gut barrier.

Anthony Samsel’s finding also found that Monsanto were aware that in 1981 glyphosate was what caused carcinomas and adenomas rats.

Monsanto have made their own research  which supports (IARC) , the International Agency for Research on Cancer determination that the chemical glyphosate is even a Class 2 A “ the probable human carcinogen” — a determination that Monsanto tries to pull back.

The other researches of glyphosate might:

  • Affect the human reproduction and the development of the fetus and have endocrine-disrupting effects
  • Modify the sex hormones balance
  • Stimulate the breast cancer cells  growth in human
  • Cause defects in birth
  • Induce neurotoxicity and oxidative damage in the brain
Glyphosate Could Be More Toxic As A Result Of The Surfactants

Several studies about the glyphosate toxicity just studied glyphosate – the “active” ingredient and the breakdown product it has, the aminomethylphosphonic acid. However, the presence of the so-called not active compounds in this herbicide could be intensifying the toxic effects glyphosate has.

There has been a study from 2012 which proved that the passive ingredients like preservatives, surfactants, solvents, and some other added substances are everything just not “inactive.” They are able to even contribute to the toxicity of a product in a synergistic way, although in cases when they are non-toxic when isolated.

Some adjuvants in the herbicides based on glyphosate have been found to be the “active principles of the toxicity of the cells in the body,” adding to the dangers characteristic with glyphosate.

We should note that, the research has proved that this cell damage and/or the cell death might happen at the residual levels that were found in crops treated with Roundup, as well as gardens and lawns where it is being applied for controlling the weed.

How You Can Avoid Glyphosate Contained in The Food

If you want to eliminate and minimize the risks to your health from pesticide and herbicide exposure, it is best idea if you, first of all, avoid them by eating more organic food and also to invest in a good filtration system for the water in your home. When you know that you are exposed to pesticides and herbicides, the lactic acid bacteria that is made during the kimchi fermentation could help the body to break them down, so we suggest you to consume it frequently.

Include more fermented foods such as kimchi in your diet. It will be a good strategy to help in the detoxification of all the chemicals and pesticides that are entering your body regularly. Another good thing of consuming more organic food is that they are GMO free, which very important for avoiding toxic glyphosate exposure.

Eating the locally produced organic food is not only going to support the health of your entire family, but it’s also going to protect the entire environment from the damaging chemical pollutants and the unplanned spread of GMO seeds and chemical-resistant pests and weeds.