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Tell Us Your Birthday And We’ll Tell You What You Are!


According to your birthday, this is what you are:

  • From 01 to 09 January = Dog
  • From 10 to 24 January = Mouse
  • From 25 to 31 January = Lion
  • From 01 to 05 January = Cat
  • From 06 to 14 February = Dove
  • From 15 to 21 February =Turtle
  • From 22 to 28 February = Panther
  • From 01 to 12 March = Monkey
  • From 13 to 15 March = Lion
  • From 16 to 23 March = Mouse
  • From24 to 31 March = Cat
  • From 01 to 03 April = Dog
  • From 04 to 14 April = Panther
  • From 15 to 26 April = Mouse
  • From 27 to 30 April =Turtle
  • From 01 to 13 May = Monkey
  • From 14 to 21 May = Dove
  • From 22 to 31 May = Lion
  • From 01 to 03 June = Mouse
  • From 04 to 14 June = Turtle
  • From 15 to 20 June = Dog
  • From 21 to 24 June = Monkey
  • From 25 to 30 June = Cat
  • From 01 to 09 July = Mouse
  • From 10 to 15 July = Dog
  • From 16 to 26 July = Dove
  • From 27 to 31 July = Cat
  • From 01 to 15 August = Monkey
  • From 16 to 25 August = Mouse
  • From 26 to 31 August = Turtle
  • From 01 to 14 September = Dove
  • From 15 to 27 September = Cat
  • From 28 to 30 September = Dog
  • From 01 to 15 October = Monkey
  • From 16 to 27 October = Turtle
  • From 28 to 31 October = Panther
  • From 01 to 16 November = Lion
  • From 17 to 30 November = Cat
  • From 01 to 16 December = Dog
  • From 17 to 25 December = Monkey
  • From 26 to 31 December = Dove

These people are very loyal and sweet. Never doubt their loyalty. They’re very honest and sincere especially when it comes to work. They’re also very simple and humble. Their taste in fashion is amazing and they like to dress well. They’re very popular and easy-going. They aren’t surrounded by many friends, but the ones they have should be very happy for such a loyal friend as the dog by their side!


Mouse are little devils which everyone loves since they’re very cute and attractive. They’re very fun and like to be in the center of attention. Everyone wants to be around them and likes their company, even if it’s a crowd. Still, they are very sensitive which can be a negative trait for them. Choose your words wisely around them since they become upset very easily.


In their nature, lions seem aggressive, but the people who are born in this sign are not. They love peace. They always try to avoid quarrels and fights. They like to be outdoors and can’t sit in one place for a long period of time. They’re born leaders, out-going and very popular. Lions really love to be lover. People like their character.


Cats are very loveable. They’re extremely adorable. They like to spend time on their own and are very quick-witted. They love doing what fulfils them and like exploring things. In case they’re provoked, they erupt quickly, otherwise they’re very cool They’re extremely fashionable.

They like to mingle, but aren’t very open to making new friends or talking to people they don’t know. They know how to choose a friend wisely. Their circle of friends is usually small.


Turtles are compared to saints. They’re perfectionists. They really love peace, well-being and are extremely kind-hearted. Even when they know someone is wrong, they don’t confront them. They treat all people with respect and despise talking behind other people’s back.

Their love is widespread to everyone with an open heart and they don’t expect anything in return for that. Another amazing trait is that they’re very generous. They know how to be practical.  


Doves always look on the bright side of life. They approach everything in a unique way. Even if the situation is extremely difficult, they know how to find the silver lining. Nothing affects them negatively. They spread their cheer to all people. It seems like it’s contagious.

They like to be group leaders. They know how to console someone in need. They hate people who are hypocrites and stay away from them. When they work, they’re methodical and very organized. They like having order around. Still, one negative trait is that they fall in love very easily.  


Panthers are enigmatic and mysterious. They know how to behave under pressure. Nothing could disrupt their flow. Still, they can be mean since they love gossiping. They like everything to be as they have planned it and if it’s not, they can be terrible.


Monkeys are impatient and hyper people who want everything done in a second. They can’t wait. They love to be in the center of attention and are pretty simple. They don’t like their name mentioned without a reason. They also hate controversy. They are people who have a sixth sense and know when something can go bad. That can really save them in a situation. They can be driven by money sometimes.