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Take A Look At The 12 Best Plants That Will Make The Energy In Your Home More Than Positive!


Our home attracts various energies. There are the positive as well as the negative ones. The accomplishments of people, but their feelings, too affect these energies as well as the condition and the peace of every home. One of the most crucial things in order to have a harmonized life is to have a positive energy around your family and at your home.

You can identify some of the energies very easily because they are powerful. Still, there are some subtle energies which you can only feel intuitively.

Creating a positive energy at home is easy. Here, we’re going to present you one of the easiest ways and that’s bringing some plants!

Plants are just amazing! They clean the air we breathe. Some of them create peace, make us feel relaxed and also cause well-being.

We have to remove all the negative energy from our home in case we want to be healthier and happier.

Some of the plants we’re going to present you will also fulfil us with plenty of health benefits!

These 12 plants are the best that will offer you an abundance of positive energy at home!  


Persians consider jasmine to be sacred. It is abundant in health benefits. The flower smells nice and it can trigger your heart chakra, increase your levels of energy, offer romance, improve your productivity, decrease your anxiety, improve your sleep, improve the low self-esteem, create stronger relationships, etc. Put it with facing towards south. It should be near a window. In case you keep it in the garden, keep it in the north, east or northeast region.


This plant is well-known since it’s mostly use as a herb in the kitchen. But, it’s also full of amazing medicinal benefits and it can purify your home. Some other benefits are: removes negative energy, it fights anxiety, fights fatigue, triggers calmness, improves your memory, etc. Your rosemary bush should be kept next to the door. All of the negativity will remain outside.


This plant is multifunctional. People also call it “The flower of birth.” Lily can remove any emotional, physical and spiritual problem. This plant should be kept in the bedroom since it gives us tranquility and serenity while we sleep.


Sage is abundant in wonderful effects. Any negative emotion like fear and anger will disappear if you keep sage at home. It will create more positive energy around, but it is also abundant in medicinal properties. Sage purifies our homes and eliminates any bacteria. You have to keep it in places that are very humid.


This is the best plant that can be used for the process of air purification. It even has an amazing property to absorb formaldehyde! You’ll remove all of the dangerous toxins present in your environment with the help of ivy. People with allergies and asthma should especially keep it. But, be very careful with it! Make sure it stays out of reach of pets or small children since it can be toxic!


This one is a well-known healing plant. It removes chemicals that are polluting the environment where you live and purifies the air. If you have it in your bedroom, you’ll remove any toxin and the air you breathe fill be filled with oxygen. This is an amazing plant that will fulfil your home with plenty of positive vibrations. All of the bad luck will disappear. In case the air in the area where you keep the Aloe Vera is polluted, its leave swill be filled with brown spots.


This plant possesses very strong antioxidant properties which will attract every positive vibe into your environment. Basil possesses anti-inflammatory, antibacterial and antifungal properties. Basil has the ability to produce oxygen, but it also absorbs toxins similar to carbon monoxide and carbon dioxide. You can use its leaves to prepare some spray or a cup of tea! Spray your home with it and purify any room!


The Feng Shui claims that this plant can improve our spiritual wellbeing as well as any energy around our home. During the night period, it has the ability to release oxygen and it also creates a balance in your energies during your sleep. You will fulfil your home with plenty of romance, love and positive energy!


Oregano is also a very well-known spice that we often use to prepare numerous dishes in the kitchen. Its smell is extremely specific and can improve our spiritual cleansing, but also stimulate happiness, love and peace. You’ll manage to get rid of all the negativity! Always keep it in an area with enough sunlight, preferably in the kitchen.


This amazingly fragrant herb is abundant in benefits: it eliminates toxins, decreases the stress, decreases the heart rate, makes you more relaxed, relieves headaches, insomnia, etc.


Rose has always been a symbol of love. Its healing energy is immense. With its help, we can remove any negativity, have a good life at home, bring a lot of passion as well as remove any dangerous toxin!


The Feng Shui says that this interesting plant is full of energy which attracts good luck as well as wealth. It would be best to keep it so that it is able to absorb any chemical that is synthetic which is maybe being released from your furniture. You’ll also get rid of the anxiety and stress from your home!