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These Style Mistakes Make Us Look Older Than We Really Are


As people get older, they start being more interested in their style. They check fashion blogs and want to stay in date with the latest trends, and it’s all because they want to stay young. However, it doesn’t really work. There are many mistakes we make when we pick clothes that are supposed to make us look younger – in fact, these mistakes only make us look older.

Here are 13 style mistakes we all make when trying to look young:

1. Avoid wearing too much black. Although elegant, black color can make you look older, especially with the wrong clothes.

2. When wearing office jackets, make sure it fits you perfectly and has a right shape. Older people usually pick a jacket which is a size or two bigger, which definitely looks bad and makes you appear older.

3. Never wear long skirts – we recommend lengths to the middle of the ankle.

4. Women, when picking a bra, make sure it’s the right size. An improper fitting bra will make you look older.

5. If your jeans are too stretchy, they will make you look older. Pick jeans that follow your silhouette to make yourself look smaller.

6. Yes, glasses are sexy, but make sure to avoid the “geeky” ones. They will only cramp your style and make you look older.

7. Jersey fabric won’t give your body a nice shape and will make you look baggy and older.

8. If you want to look young, never cover up your neck. Keep it opened, and keep in mind that even décolletage will look great.

9. The shoes you’re wearing should be comfortable, which means no high heels for you. It doesn’t matter if you buy expensive designer’s shoes – if you can’t walk in them, you’re going to look old and have a bad time.

10. The so-called mom jeans will make you look like a “mom”, which certainly isn’t what you’re trying to achieve/

11. Wearing a scarf in nice weather will definitely make you look older.

12. Skirts are great, but too many short ones will only make you vulgar, not attractive.

13. Oversized clothes will make you look baggy and older, so make sure to stick to your size.