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A Study Reveals – An Hour-Long Hot Bath Can Burn The Same Amount Of Calories As A 30-Minute Walk!


Coming home after a hard day at work we’re all stressed and tired. After all, we’ve spent a whole day accommodating others, so the first idea on our mind is getting some food, possibly a glass of alcohol and going to bed. Taking a 30-minute walk certainly isn’t the first thing that comes on our minds after getting home later from work. However, exercise is important, and by skipping it day by day, you’re risking of gaining some weight and increasing the risk of several health problems.

Luckily, walking or hitting the gym aren’t the only way of burning calories. In fact, studies have shown that hydrotherapy works just as well. Taking an hour-long bath can burn about 130 calories and help you achieve your fitness goals.

A nice bath isn’t only relaxing – it burns calories as well!

In 2016, one study examined the effects of a warm bath on 14 obese and fit men who either took a 104F bath or did an hour of cycling. Both the cycling and bath forced the body to use energy and the bath group managed to burn almost 80% more calories than when resting. However, the cycling group managed to burn 750% more calories than when resting, which says that exercise is still the best way to get in shape. However, bathing is a good alternative for people who can’t exercise because of stress, muscle pain or some other factor.

The health benefits of hot water baths

As you probably already know, a warm bath can easily soothe your mind and help you relax. It has great benefits for our skin and circulatory system as well and can also relax our muscles. Here are some of the benefits a nice warm bath offers:

Reduces your blood sugar levels

The study we mentioned previously discovered that taking an hour-long bath before a meal can regulate the glucose levels and prevent spikes after the meal. The effects didn’t last during the whole day, but at least they prevented glucose and insulin spikes after eating. This makes baths a surprising factor for the treatment of diabetes and high blood sugar levels.

Heart problems

A 2015 study done on saunas revealed that people who visit a sauna regularly have lower risk of cardiovascular disease, cardiac arrest and premature death. Saunas are just as relaxing as warm baths and it seems that they work just as well. Of course, there’s need for more research on the matter, but the results were pretty promising.

Health benefits of a hot shower

There’s nothing better than taking a hot, steaming shower after getting home from work. Hot showers have a variety of benefits – they can relax our muscles and improve circulation, clean the skin by opening the pores, loose stiff joints and tissues, relieve coughs by loosening the excess phlegm in the airways and reducing stress and help you sleep better.

Most of these benefits are due to the hot water and steam, which baths use as well. However, if you don’t have an hour of free time for a relaxing bath, you can take a hot, steaming shower instead.

Benefits for the elderly

According to one study, elderly people how took 30-minute baths in mineral water managed to reduce their arthritis and back pain in only 3 months. This study again shows that baths are highly effective against chronic pain and a great alternative to medications or massages.

While taking a bath won’t burn as much calories as an intense HIIT program, hydrotherapy is still a great way of working out, especially if you don’t have the time for the gym or a jog. Plus, baths are very easy to incorporate in your lifestyle and highly relaxing, so why not give them a try?