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Stop Giving Hot Dogs To Your Children! Here Are Some Reasons!


People all around the world as well as most Americans are obsessed with Hot Dog. It’s usually a treat for 4th of July, but people eat it almost every day.

Still, people aren’t aware that this is unhealthy food. Unfortunately, the most affected are the children because they adore it!

According to a particular study performed by a USC epidemiologist, children who feed with more than 12 hot dogs every month are at an increased risk of childhood leukemia which is 9 times higher! These children can unfortunately develop brain cancer more often than children who don’t eat hot dogs.

This study included children from birth to the age of 10. The area which was examined was Los Angeles County and it was performed in the period between 1980 and 1987.

Even the children whose fathers used to eat more than 12 hot dogs a month before the child was conceived were at higher risk.

It was very important which dietary habits did the mother and father have before they had the child. Those with unhealthy habits were more prone to any illness or disease.

According to researchers Savitz and Sarusua, mothers who ate hot dogs even once a week doubled the risk of brain tumors in their children.

They claim that the main cause is the appearance of nitrates in the hot dogs. Red meat that is processed contains various food additives like phosphates, sodium and nitrates. Smoked meats are full of polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons. They are connected to the appearance of heart failure.

The nitrates found in food should prevent it from spoiling, but they also give the meat color.

Nitrates and nitrites are not cancer-causing, but when we intake them, they change into dangerous matters called nitrosamides and nitrosamines which were tied to the appearance of cancer. Another thing that can be added for meat to be preserved is vitamin C. It may spot the nitrites to change into nitrosamines.

How To Avoid Nitrate-Filled Foods

  1. Try to avoid cured meat products and processed foods. These include cold cuts, sausages and hot dogs.
  2. Always check all labels carefully! Don’t buy products which contain potassium nitrates, nitrites or sodium. You can also find these in packaged seafood, canned beans, other vegetables etc.
  3. Buy and intake organic food that’s without preservatives!
  4. Try to discover if your water contains nitrites or nitrates. These compounds are usually tested into public drinking water utilities. You can test your well water and see if it contains these compounds. If it does, you must distil it. Use an ion exchange filter or a reverse osmosis filter so that you can remove any harmful matter present in your water.
  5. Make sure your diet is high in antioxidants. As we mentioned it previously, one thing that can reduce the change of nitrites and nitrates in nitrosamines is vitamin C, but also other vitamins can help!


source: dailyhealthpost.com