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Spirulina Is A Type Of Superfood That Helps Us Remove Mold And Heavy Metals From Our Body! Consume It Every Day!


Nowadays, the market offers a variety of “superfoods” e.g. foods rich in various enzymes, nutrients and minerals that can help you heal a wide variety of illnesses and diseases. Still, there is one superfood that can be separated from the rest of them. That’s spirulina. It’s algae of blue and green color. It contains plenty of chlorophyll as well as numerous other nutrients important for our life.

Spirulina contains plenty of 1) infection-fighting proteins. They can produce much more antibodies that fight diseases than any other food. Spirulina contains almost 70% of protest of all other foods. It is especially necessary because it helps us produce white blood cells called macrophages that can help us against infections.

According to a particular study from 2005, spirulina can also help us 2) inhibit allergic reactions. It’s especially beneficial in people with allergic rhinitis. If you take spirulina in high doses regularly, you’ll see that your symptoms of allergy will be improved dramatically.

In terms of blood health, this amazing superfood is very 3) effective against anemia. It has been particularly researched by author Paul Pitchford and explained in his book called “Healing with Whole Foods: Asian Traditions and Modern Nutrition”. Spirulina along with many other forms of micro-algae have a marvelous effect on boosting the production of red blood cells, especially when you take spirulina combined with vitamin B12.

As we already mentioned, spirulina contains chlorophyll, but it also contains phycocyanin. It is a very strong 4) blood purifier. These two nutrients are very important because they promote the growth of blood cells. Another thing they are also beneficial in is rejuvenating the blood supply that you already have. Chlorophyll is something that is almost identical to hemoglobin that we know is the molecule we need in order to have clean blood and transport oxygen to cells.

Spirulina is a real superfood. It contains antioxidants like zeaxanthin and beta carotene; various very important amino acids as well as 10 amino acids that are not that essential; B complex vitamins; pathogen-targeting proteins; various trace minerals; the essential fatty acid gamma linolenic acid as well as numerous beneficial probiotic bacteria which combine together and form superfood that 5) boosts our immune system to a great extent.

These nutrients also help in 6) the process of detoxification of our body and all of the cells of toxins, but especially heavy metals. Spirulina is a very powerful chelating agent. It can go deep into our bodily tissues and help us remove toxins like arsenic, mercury, pesticides, radiation, synthetic food chemicals, cadmium, as well as various environmental carcinogens. Spirulina can also help us in the transport of some very essential nutrients across the blood-brain barrier that will help us replace the voids that the toxins had left.

According to a study in Japan from 1988, spirulina helps us 7) decrease the levels of cholesterol and also prevent cholesterol to gather in the bloodstream. If you take it every day, it will help you significantly and deposit cholesterol in the areas of our body where we need it and not in the arterial walls, because there it can provoke various cardiovascular problems.

People who want to lose weight and are obese can also find spirulina helpful as it 8) promotes weight loss. If you take spirulina every day, it will definitely help you lose all the unwanted extra pounds and also help you develop lean muscle mass, because it contains a high amount of protein which is bioavailable.

People who have taken spirulina for a longer period of time also noticed big changes in their cognitive functions as well as their mental health. It is abundant in the L-tryptophan which is an amino acid that produces brain neurotransmitters like serotonin and melatonin. Spirulina is 9) brain chemistry balancer which promotes happiness, calmness, boosts our memory and improves our mood.

Spirulina is abundant in various essential fatty acids, antioxidants, and cleansing nutrients which are especially beneficial for 10) healthy skin and hair. It can help us rejuvenate our skin and prevent hair loss. There are numerous creams based on spirulina which are excellent.

If we want to obtain the optimal benefits of spirulina, we must consume it every day for several grams. Make sure you buy quality brands of spirulina like Cyanotech’s Nutrex-Hawaii Spirulina Pacifica, because it is grown and later harvested in without the contamination with toxic microcystins.

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