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Sorry Dads – Apparently, Children Inherit Intelligence from Mothers


Science previously believed that children inherit intelligence from both parents. As it turns out, we’ve all been living a lie. A recent genetic study showed that we inherit intelligence from the female X chromosomes, which means that our mothers are to blame for our IQ. It’s a totally unexpected turn of events which will disappoint fathers the most.

What Are Chromosomes Exactly?

The chromosomes are a part of our DNA and consist of protein and nucleic acids. The thread-like formations store genetic information which is later passed on to children. There’s a pair of chromosomes in all our cells – men carry an X and Y chromosome, while women carry a pair of X’s.

Science has known that genetic characteristics can be activated or deactivated in gender-specific genes. Activated genes have a significant impact on our genetic development while the deactivated ones don’t impact it at all. Due to the two X chromosomes in their cells, females have greater impact on the cognitive abilities of their children. This means that children inherit intelligence from their mothers, not from both parents like we all thought before.

The study that confirmed this was conducted on genetically modified mice. When the embryo is still under formation, cells are created all around the brain. As the embryo grows, paternal genes get stored in the amygdala, septum, and hypothalamus – the parts of the brain responsible for survival.

On the other hand, the maternal genes influence our brain development and out IQ, which explains the fact why mothers affect a child’s cognitive abilities so much. At the same time, they also share a strong emotional bond with their children.

This doesn’t mean that a mother with a high IQ will have a highly intelligent child. Only 40-60% of intelligence is actually inherited – the rest is “formed” by the environment and other factors. Although a child can be born with a high IQ, it won’t mean nothing unless it is stimulated to nurture its intelligence.