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This Simple Yoga Routine Can Improve The Function Of Your Thyroid


During the last decade, yoga studios around the country have skyrocketed in numbers. They may be costly, but thousands of people are willing to pay good money in order to try stress-relieving exercises. However, you don’t need to go to yoga studios in order to do it – in fact, you can try some of them at home and reap all their benefits.

The origins of yoga have been debated, but the practice is surely ancient. Besides the physical benefits, yoga is also a mental and spiritual practice that has an effect on your whole wellbeing. Hindu and Buddhist groups have been practicing yoga as a form of prayer for quite a long time and it has finally reached the West.

Is It Worth It?

In the past few decades, science has tried to measure the physical and mental influence of yoga, but there’s no definitive answer. Some studies have suggested that yoga can help a person heal his psyche, while others have discovered that yoga can also heal problems related to the thyroid. As the most important gland in the human body, the thyroid controls numerous important functions. It is connected to our immune system and other glands in the body, regulating our body temperature and the way stress affects our wellbeing.

In a world where toxic elements surround us, our thyroid is susceptible to a lot of potential damage. However, instead of treating the problem with prescription pills, there are many yoga poses which can balance your thyroid hormone production and improve your wellbeing. Here are the 2 best:

Sarvanga Asana

The word asana translates to still, while sarvanga means “entire body”. The Sarvanga Asana pose will help you keep your posture straight. This pose can improve your blood flow and can easily refresh your thyroid. Due to the upside-down position of the body, the pressure on the throat and nervous system boosts the activity of the pineal and pituitary glands and improves your overall health.

To do the pose, lay down on your back with your legs together, then raise them up towards the ceiling. Put your hands on your lower back when raising the hips off the ground and don’t rush things. Use your elbows to support your back – in this position, the thyroid will be pressed to your chin. Keep a straight line with your body and support it on the shoulders while breathing deep.

Matsya Asana

This pose translates to “swimming fish in water” and is great for your thyroid gland. Besides improving the function of this gland, the Matsya Asana will positively affect your central nervous system as well. To perform it, lay down in a dorsal position, then switch to the lotus position by crossing your legs. Now, start lifting your back off the ground, then push the top of your head into the ground to form an arch with your body.