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This Simple Low-Carb Sugar Detox Plan Will Prevent Diabetes and Help You Lose Weight!


Low-carbs diets are all the rage right now. There are at least a dozen of these diets known under different names, with the Atkins and keto diets being the most popular.  All these diets are high in fat, and low in carbs, meaning they consist of meals rich in (healthy) fats, but lacking carbs. This will put the body in a state of ketosis, making it burn fat as fuel for energy.

Low-carb diets are not only great for losing weight. Studies have found that they can help in the treatment of obesity, type 2 diabetes, and even certain types of cancer. The biggest problem with these diets, though, is that they don’t offer a lot menu-wise. Plus, changing our dietary habits is not an easy thing, and cutting out carbs and sugar is even worse.

Luckily for you, though, we have a simple weekly sugar detox plan that is easily manageable and includes normal food on the menu.

Let’s see the plan first:

Day 1

Breakfast: a bit of Greek yogurt with blueberries, walnuts, and a bit of powdered cinnamon

Lunch: spinach and salmon salad

Dinner: chicken grilled with coconut oil, grass-fed butter, and asparagus

Day 2

Breakfast: omelet with 2 eggs, asparagus, and butter (grass-fed)

Lunch: homemade tempeh with avocado and spinach salad

Dinner: low-carb vegetables and steak

Day 3

Breakfast: same as day 2

Lunch: ½ a cup of Greek yogurt with cherries, almonds, and a bit of powdered cinnamon

Dinner: wild-caught salmon cooked in butter or avocado oil with a side of low-carb vegetables

Day 4

Breakfast: smoothie with blueberries, cashews, coconut milk, and low-carb protein powder

Lunch: roast chicken meat salad

Dinner: tempeh steak with cauliflower, rice, and avocado

Day 5

Breakfast: omelet with 2 eggs and broccoli made on butter (grass-fed)

Lunch: smoothie made of almonds, raspberries, coconut milk, and low-carb protein powder

Dinner: a pair of turkey sausages some with broccoli, olives, and feta cheese

Day 6

Breakfast: a cup of Greek yogurt with apricots, cashews, and a pinch of cinnamon

Lunch: leftover turkey sausages and coleslaw (low-carb)

Dinner: pork chops and grilled low-carb vegetables

Day 7

Breakfast: peameal bacon and eggs

Lunch: roast chicken meat salad

Dinner: meatball and cauliflower rice

Anything Else You Can Eat?

Yes, you actually can. Aside from the menu, you can also include grass-fed meat, healthy oils and fats, and certain dairy products such as cheese, heavy cream, and high-fat yogurt into your diet. Wild-caught fish is a must, as are fruits and vegetables.

What you need to stay away from are obviously carbs and sugar. Make sure to avoid starchy veggies, processed foods, and refined grains as well.

What About Snacks?

Snacks are the part of low-carb diets that people fear the most. We just can’t live without our snacks, and the reality is that there are not many low-carb snacks you can find. That is not to say they don’t exist. In fact, the list is not as disappointing as you might think.

Take fruits for example – you can easily consume as many oranges, blueberries, blackberries (and berries in general), as well as apples and pears. You can also snack on full-fat yogurt or hard-boiled eggs. What you need to stay away from is anything processed. This includes chips, chocolate bars, and even a surprising number of the so-called ‘healthy’ snacks.

What About Sweeteners?

Many people use artificial sweeteners instead of sugar in their foods and drinks. If you simply can’t live without anything sweet, you should at least get the best possible sugar available. This means you’re allowed to consume sugar, stevia, agave, maple syrup, cane sugar, and coconut sugar. You may also consume glucose, fructose, maltose, and dextrose, as well as mannitol and sorbitol.

Additionally, if you can find them, your best options would be xylitol, erythritol, and monk fruit.

What About Drinks?

When it comes to drinks, you can only consume water as well as coffee and tea with no sugar when on a low-carb diet. Avoid drinking anything that has added sugar and stay away from soda drinks as well.

What Can I Order at Restaurants?

Eating homecooked meals at home is the best way of staying safe when on a low-carb diet. However, if you must go out for some occasion, you should know that there are many things you can order in restaurants when you’re on a low-carb diet. Stick to organic meat and wild-caught fish without sauces. When it comes to side-dishes, you can order a salad with olive oil, as well as olives and cheese.

Low-carb diets are not for everyone. They require a lot of dedication and persistence if you want to succeed. If you’re serious about losing weight, though, you will do anything, and we hope that the aforementioned plan will help you in your goals.