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This Simple Banana and Honey Mix Can Cure Even the Most Powerful Cough


Every winter, coughs and respiratory conditions such as bronchitis are there to remind us how frail we are. In winter, respiratory problems are quite common around the world, with viral infections lurking around every corner. This goes especially for the big cities where air pollution is another thick layer of the problem.

Coughs are one of the most common conditions in winter. Of course, they are never a bearer of good news. They are our body’s natural reflex that cleans up the respiratory system and let us know that something’s wrong. Most frequently, coughs can represent bronchitis and common colds or the. And, while a day of coughing may be a symptom of these disorders, coughs that last for a longer period could ruin our immune system.

Everyone’s first reaction to dealing with coughs is getting cough syrups or lozenges. This might work for a simple cough, but those associated with bronchitis are far more complex. Plus, most cough syrups never even work in the long run. They are only a temporary solution that treats the symptom, but not the underlying cause. Luckily for you, there’s something that helps.

A Natural Solution to Coughs

Many studies have pointed out that cough syrups don’t really work, nor are they the best solution to coughing. On the other hand, natural remedies have proven as a perfect alternative.  Of course, they don’t work as fast as prescription drugs, but they do treat the problem at its core.

Take this banana and honey cough remedy for example. It’s simple to prepare, pretty cheap, and highly effective against coughs and bronchitis. The remedy will coat the lining of your airways and stop the irritation while strengthening your immune system and treating the underlying problem.

Here’s how to prepare it:

  • 400 ml. water
  • 2 tablespoons organic honey
  • 2 ripe bananas

Pour the water in a pan and put it on a stove. Start boiling it and in the meantime mash the bananas in a bowl. This is preferably done with a wooden spoon. As soon as the water boils, pour it over the bananas and cover the bowl. Let it sit for 30 minutes, then add the honey in and mix well.


For best results, take 100 ml. of this soothing cough remedy 4 times per day. Make sure to heat it up only a bit before you take it – it works better this way.

The creamy mix will soothe the irritation in your airways and help the body fight the underlying condition behind the cough. If you can’t sleep because of the cough overnight, this remedy will help. Bananas are full of serotonin which will improve your sleep and stop the irritating nighttime coughs.



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