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A Silent Killer That We Use Every Day Wi-Fi Routers!


Nowadays, we live in the era of Internet. Everyone is dependent on it in today’s modern society. There are also disorders connected to the use of too much Internet like: Internet addiction disorder, compulsive Internet use and problematic computer use.

According to some recent researches, Internet addiction has been connected to numerous mental health problems, but mostly depression.

Numerous other effects appear because of this disorder like psychological, social and occupational.

When Wi-Fi was invented everything became easier. People started to surf the Internet whenever or wherever they wanted to. Wi-Fi stands for wireless network.

It doesn’t use cables and people can connect to the Internet through different devices. Nowadays, numerous public areas and almost all homes have Wi-Fi access. Internet is everywhere!

A recent study managed to prove that above 88% of all consumers think that there should be Wi-Fi anywhere and anytime!

This is another significant factor that it’s so easy for people to depend on Wi-Fi devices.

Various companies produce Wi-Fi routers. They need to take care of the devices so that they can be safe to use and follow very strict rules for that. Still, they aren’t as safe as they have to be.

In this article, we’re going to present you several facts about the Wi-Fi routers as well as their safety.

We first need to make sure that our device that should have Internet isn’t connected to a router without cables. Cell phones, laptops and tablets are wireless devices which emit electromagnetic waves and that’s how they become connected to the router.

These signals can affect our health in a very negative way. Routers are detrimental to plants, animals and humans and numerous studies can prove that scientifically.

Here are some problems that the excessive exposure to Wi-Fi can cause:

  • Chronic fatigue
  • Intense and frequent headaches
  • Concentration issues
  • Sleep issues
  • Earache

In today’s modern world, we can’t avoid the use of modern technologies like Wi-Fi. We aren’t saying that you should stop using it, but you can do some things that will help you minimize all the negative effects connected to the excessive use of Wi-Fi routers and protect your health!

  • When you aren’t using the Wi-Fi, turn off the router. In that way, you’ll be able to avoid the electromagnetic waves to affect your health, your plants as well as the growth of your children!
  • Always disconnect the Wi-Fi routers before you go to bed!
  • Make sure your router isn’t in your bedroom or kitchen!
  • If you want to limit the electromagnetic waves more, try to use phones attached to cables at home!