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Selfies Linked To Mental Illness, Addiction & Narcissism According To Scientists! ‪


Nowadays, we know that taking selfies has become a real trend. But, did you know that this has been connected to some conditions of the mental health which show that the person is obsessed with the way they look?

D-r David Veal, a psychiatrist, claims that many of the patients who visit his office are with a compulsion that they have to take and post their selfies on some sites all the time. The doctor has to use a cognitive behavioral therapy in order to discover the reasons the patient shows this behavior. After that, he learns them how to do it in moderation.

You’re probably thinking that it sounds strange that only a selfie can cause narcissism, mental illnesses, addiction and even suicide. According to different psychologists this is true. They’re also trying to warn parents about what their children are doing on the social media because of a teenager called Danny Bowman. He took up to 200 selfies every day and spent 10 hours on that!

He didn’t go to school any more, lost over 30 pounds and stayed inside his home for 6 months! He became obsessed and frustrated with not being able to take the image he desired and overdosed, but luckily, his mother found him and saved him. He lost his education, his friends and his whole life up to then. Scientists believe that he was the first selfie addict in the UK. He is under therapy to treat Body Dysmorphic Disorder, OCD and technology addiction.

The doctors in the Maudsley Hospital in London took his iPhone for 10-minute intervals which they increased to half an hour and later, to an hour.

He admitted that it was very hard on him.

According to statistics in the UK, there are over 100 patients who look for treatment every year because they’re addicted to Twitter, Facebook or another social media.


People who post too many selfies are usually with a very low self-esteem or are very narcissistic.

People are under pressure to reach a goal without any results. Their models are actors, actresses and musicians, so it’s understandable why they can’t seem to find a solution to their problem. When they post a selfie which is rewarded and reinforced by other people, they seem to be able to consolidate their narcissistic delusions and live better.