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Science Confirms That Oregano Essential Oil is One of the Most Powerful Natural Antibiotics!


One of the best natural antibiotics nowadays is definitely oregano oil. It is extracted of a very powerful herb whose properties are extremely healing and unique. Oregano actually contains 3 times more antioxidants than blueberries and 8 times more antioxidants than apples. We need them so that our body is protected from the damage of the free radicals. They’re natural boosters for our immune system.   

Oregano oil was first distributed in Ancient Greece. “Oregano” means “the joy of the mountains” translated in Greek language. It has been used ever since because of its numerous medicinal properties. It can be used against inflammation and pain as well as an antifungal, antiviral, antiseptic and antibacterial. Hippocrates used it as a main antibacterial tool. People also used oregano leaves to treat illnesses connected with the digestive and respiratory systems.

Oregano Oil Benefits

Oregano oil is abundant in minerals like: iron, calcium, potassium, magnesium, boron, zinc, manganese, Niacin, copper, vitamins A, (beta-carotene) and C.

Its chemicals are considered to be active healing agents or phenols. They are called thymol and carvacrol. They are considered to be antioxidants and antiseptics. Oregano oil also contains terpenes called terpinene and pinene. They are full of anesthetic, antiseptic, anti-inflammatory and antiviral properties.

Borneol and linalool are 2 long-chain alcohols that oregano oil contains. They are full of antiseptic and antiviral properties. The esters are called geranyl acetate and linalyl acetate. They are antifungals. All of these compounds are full of healing properties, but the most significant compound is carvacrol. It has been proved to be extremely effective according to science.

Not All Oregano Oil is Created Equal

The real kind of Mediterranean oregano which is wild should be of the kinds Thymus capitatus or Origanum vulgare. The first one mostly grows in Spain. The oil also needs to have a concentration of carvacrol higher than 70%. The essential oil doesn’t cause the appearance of some harmful strains in our and won’t cause any side-effects like for example some pharmaceutical antibiotics.

It can even fight some extremely dangerous bacteria. Oregano oil has a nourishing effect on our body. According to statistic data, people who live in the Mediterranean have a longer lifespan than any people. Oregano is a part of almost any dish they cook!