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Watch Out For These Warning Signs Of Scarlet Fever As It Is Back


We all want to find a cure for any disease or illness, especially when children have them. Scarlet fever is something everyone’s afraid of. It has symptoms like sore throat, itch and rash. A huge increase appeared in 2015 and the frenzy started. Fortunately, medicine has gone a long way and there are numerous ways that can cure this infection and prevent its symptoms.

How Do You Get Scarlet Fever?

One thing causes Scarlet fever and that’s the Streptococcus bacteria which is very common. It is the one that can cause strep throat and infects children by a toxin that is secreted. Some children aren’t susceptible to it, but the ones who are, will definitely get this specific fever. Rash that resembles like sunburn becomes developed on their back, neck, face and chest. One area that is unaffected is around the mouth.

The skin of the affected children starts to peel off after 6 days. Here are some other symptoms:

  • Abdominal pain
  • Itchy skin
  • Red rash
  • Swollen neck glands
  • High fever (101°F)
  • Flushed face
  • Sore throat

What Do I Do When My Child has Scarlet Fever?

This type of fever is contagious. If you know any children who have it, make sure your child avoids it. You should also separate all the cutlery as well as toothbrushes they use. Your child should stay at home and not go out outside to play until the fever has passed.

Antibiotics should be given for 10 days as a treatment. Maybe their condition will improve after only several days, but make sure you don’t stop with the treatment. You should also wait for 24 hours after the symptoms have passed before you send your child to school with other children.

You must treat and kill the bacteria, because if it’s left like that it can cause problems with the kidneys, the heart and many more.

Treating Scarlet Fever Symptoms

Your child will want some relief because it doesn’t feel comfortable in its own skin. Here, we’re going to present to you some natural remedies that you can try:

  1. Apple cider vinegar is abundant in health benefits. If you warm a bit of this type of vinegar and add some cayenne pepper inside, you’ll be able to cure your sore throat. ACV contains acetic acid that is well known to be able to treat patients with burns. You can also dip some cotton cloth in ACV and put it on the rash. You’ll see that your child will feel more comfortable very soon.
  2. Mint, raspberry leaves and raw honey should be added into hot water. Consume the beverage 2-3 times a day a sore throat will disappear soon.
  3. The dry air that causes coughing can be treated with humidifiers and water vapor. Try to add some essential oil like lavender oil and you’ll see that the inflammation in your child’s throat will be reduced soon.
  4. Lavender oil can be used for various purposes. It contains linalool which moisturizes the itchy and dry rash. To treat the rash, add 2% of some carrier oil like almond or olive oil with some lavender oil.
  5. Your child’s fingernails should be clipped so that you can stop your child damage its gentle skin. Be prepared that it will itch constantly and deeply.
  6. Teas, soups and soft foods would be the best for your child as they’re gentle for its throat. You should also prepare lots of warm fluids, like for example, honey-lemon tea.
  7. Plenty of hydration is also something very important. Give them plenty of fluids to heal their scratchy throat.
  8. Make sure you don’t smoke cigarettes or use irritating cleaning supplies!


The pain and the agony that your child will be in is certainly heart-wrenching. It is very important to listen to what your doctor has to say, but also you have to pay attention to your child as well as your intuition. You’ll manage to treat your child the best and offer the best care because of the compassion that you share among each other!