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Researchers: Manuka Honey May Kill Far More Bacteria than Available Antibiotics


We are all aware that honey is among the healthiest foods on Earth, but have you ever heard that there is a type of honey which can be only found in Australia under the name of manuka honey? It has been a subject of numerous researches which proved that manuka has the ability to eliminate even the most dangerous bacteria of all!

New Zealand produces this type of honey. It can also be found as jelly bush honey.

There have been numerous reports about fake products like this honey, so the people who actually produce it demanded to have trademark protection, so the real manuka honey is protected and you can’t find it everywhere.

Manuka Honey Destroys Superbugs Like MRSA

Bees land on a specific New Zealand manuka bush where they use the nectar of it, called Leptospermum Scoparium. This specific bush is only located in New Zealand and Australia.

Some of the researches tested manuka on different pathogen and bacteria. It managed to destroy all of them! It is a remarkable discovery as this is a strictly natural product. If you put it directly on your skin, you’ll be able to eliminate insect bites, cuts, different skin infections etc.

Scientists also tested this amazing type of honey on different superbugs and it also gave amazing results! It is also recommended to people who have a very weak immunity as well as to people who often take antibiotics. Antibiotics are very dangerous to our organism as they can make us resistant after some time passes. This type of honey can actually save people’s lives! These properties of manuka honey are due to a compound in it which goes by the name of methyglyoxal. This one actually gives manuka the ability to eliminate all the harmful bacteria and pathogens.

How can We Buy Manuka Honey?

There are online sites that sell this type of honey and it can also be found in different health food stores. Because of the fake types of manuka that have been discovered throughout the whole world, if you decide to buy it, try to find one which has a UMF certificate.

It means that it has the Unique Manuka Factor or the special phytochemical property which shows that that exact piece of manuka was obtained from the special manuka bushes from New Zealand or Australia. www.amazon.com is also known to sell manuka honey as well as different types of products which contain it.

There is a special brand sold on Amazon which possesses the UMF certificate. It is called Comvita. There are also comments from many people who had various problems and claim that that particular type of manuka honey helped them eliminate those problems. One patient speaks how manuka is responsible because they eliminated MRSA! They simply applied it topically and put a band aid over it. The problem was gone after only several days!  

There are testimonies from people all over the world and also different researches which spread hope that this kind of honey is actually amazing in eliminating various types of health problems as well as improving the complete immunity of a person. Still, many other researches also have to be performed. In case you want to include manuka into your everyday diet, you should consult a doctor that will be able to tell you if it would be possible for you.