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Repel Ticks All Summer Long With The Help Of This Very Simple Trick!


We all love being in the nature. It’s great being out in the sun while you feel the gentle breeze in your hair. But, nature has its dangers that we might not see as they are actually hiding somewhere. One of the most dangerous things is coming home with a tick in your skin, after you’ve just had a very fun day.

We must all know some things that can help us against ticks and protect us. Ticks are uncomfortable and pesky, but they are also one of the most dangerous bugs as they carry diseases which can be deadly. So, here, we’re presenting you a very simple trick that will help you repel all the ticks that want to come near you!

Lint Roller And Essential Oil Tick Hack

You only need 2 things: some essential oil and lint roller. The lint roller will need to contain adhesive layers. Take it with you whenever you go outside. Use it on your clothes from time to time. You’ll see that whatever bug you pick up will remain on it!

If you add some essential oil, it will prevent them coming close to you. You can also rub essential oils into your skin or spray it on your clothes. This trick is also helpful against black flies and mosquitoes, too. You’ll also manage to decrease the amount of chemicals you encounter every day.

These 5 essential oils are the best when it comes to repelling bugs:

Lavender – Lavender essential oil can deter ticks because of its sweet smell. It can also help you avoid many undesired insects like flies, mosquitoes etc.

Pennyroyal – Pennyroyal belongs to the family of mint. It is highly toxic to insects which makes it an extremely effective insect repellent that is 100% natural.

Lemongrass – The tropical lemongrass plant which is known under the name of Cymbopogon citrates produces lemongrass oil. Its scent is bright citrus and it can repel ticks, but also fleas. Spray it on your skin for complete protection!

Eucalyptus – Use eucalyptus oil together with citronella oil. They can help you repel all kinds of bugs. According to a particular study, eucalyptus extract can help you avoid ticks as well as their infections.  

Lemon – Lemon essential oil is abundant in a particular compound called limolene. It is the on that has the ability to repel bugs, fleas and ticks. Dilute it before you use it to spray your skin or clothes.

Take a look at our video and we’ll show you how to prepare a natural spray against bugs with citronella, tea tree and lemongrass essential oils: