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A Recent Study: Vitamin D decreases the symptoms of flu by up to 50%!


A recent discovery by scientists in Japan claims that children can reduce flu in 50% only by taking vitamin D. Vitamin D is being produced by our body naturally when we’re exposed to sunlight, but there are also many supplements which aren’t very expensive, don’t have any side-effects and can be extremely effective.

The research included children from 6 to 15 years of age with flu. When they all took vitamin D, it was more effective than any vaccine which prevents the flu. The trial was led by a Japanese doctor called Mitsuyoshi Urashima.

Even Dr. Damien Downing from London started to advise his patients that they should increase the intake of vitamin D and not take the vaccine immediately.

Numerous doctors from the USA and Canada prescribe taking even 50,000 IU of vitamin D every day to treat numerous different chronic diseases.

According to an MD called Dr. John Cannell, you can even consume this high dose of vitamin D when you notice the first signs of the flu or cold. It should be taken for 3 days. In case of an infection, our body needs more vitamin D because it has properties as a natural antibiotic. Any type of parasite, bacteria, fungi or virus can be treated.

It’s more common for people to experience vitamin D deficiency during the winter period and it appears more in countries that are on the far north of the equator.

Vitamin D also protects our lungs from any infection as it acts as a stimulation to the powerful anti-microbial peptides.

Use Vitamin D and Decrease Flu in 50%!

The trial included 354 children who had influenza A and influenza B. Vitamin D acted on both of them. The ‘Jikei University School of Medicine” found in Tokyo, Japan performed it.

These scientists managed to prove that vitamin D managed to decrease their symptoms in 50% while the antiviral drugs like oseltamivir and zanamivir only decreased the risk of the infections by 8%.

Many anti-virals are considered to be even more effective than influenza virus vaccines. They are also very toxic and extremely expensive while vitamin D is abundant in health benefits. It is also called “the sunshine vitamin” and is proved to be able to decrease the risk of cancer, bone fractures, heart problems, bacterial infections and diabetes.

The discovery performed by the Japanese also found that the low blood levels of vitamin D which appear in winter are the explanation why the epidemics of flu mostly peaks between the months of  December and March.

This amazing vitamin helps our body produce different proteins cathelicidin and defensin. It strengthens our immune system because in this way, it disables viruses and triggers cell activity.

Vitamin D Levels and Dose Are Critical

  • Vitamin D is not only proved to be a vitamin, but it’s also a steroid hormone precursor and has really beneficial effects on our immunity.
  • Adults should take about 5,000 IU every day.
  • The deficiency can be proved by a blood test and the only valuable is 25-hydroxy-vitamin D. Many doctors usually order the 1,25-di-hydroxy-vitamin D test, but it isn’t the proper one.
  • The healthy blood levels of vitamin D are between 70 and 90 ng/ml.

If you take 1,000 IU of vitamin D per body weight every day for several days, you’ll manage to treat common cold, influenza, meningitis, any seasonal infection, pneumonia, septicemia, etc. in both adults and children.



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