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A Recent Research Proves That The Key To Healthy Bones Is Magnesium And NOT Calcium!


We have all heard that we need more calcium if we want to have healthy and solid bones. It is one of the most important minerals for us to have an essential health.

Still, another very important mineral is magnesium. Recent researches also link it to healthier bones if it’s taken during adolescence. So, what if this is true?  

Something More About Calcium

The usage of calcium against weak bones is a myth that has been going on for a very long period of time. But, according to a research, people who had more heart attacks had increased levels of LDL cholesterol as well as calcium build-up.

Numerous researches have also connected calcium to heart problems as well as heart attacks in postmenopausal women.

If you take enough foods that are rich in calcium, you won’t need to take calcium supplements. Still, a vitamin D supplement would be good. Kidney stones and other health problems appear because of too much supplements.

Most of the supplements present on the market include calcium carbonate. This is a secondary type and also includes a basic chelating agent like for example, any citrus extract so that it can become more absorbable. Another type of a calcium supplement is calcium orotate that has the ability to enter layers of cells in an adequate way.

Most of the people think that eating dairy products like cheese, yoghurt or milk will help them intake calcium the most, but that’s actually not true. Calcium can’t enter our cells without a chelating agent.

Our body then has to force the calcium from different tissues as well as our bones which causes osteoporosis to appear.

Magnesium and Increasing Awareness

According to some recent research, magnesium is also very important in the thickness of our bones. It’s important how much magnesium we intake and which dietary sources we use to intake it.                                           

Many nutrients are extremely important when it comes to the development and health in children. Healthy bones are developed during their adolescence and magnesium is much more important than calcium.

Other minerals are also very important for our children to have healthy bones.

If we try to make them intake more magnesium, their bones will be thicker and fuller with minerals. There are cases of osteoporotic fractures, but they’re more common in aging adults.

Supplementing With Magnesium

Many people think that the ideal proportion to intake calcium and magnesium would be 1:1. It’s also OK to intake a proportion of 2:1. Nowadays, we intake more calcium than magnesium. We can choose magnesium chloride or oxide. It is chelated. The recommended dosage of magnesium every day is 350-400 mg.

Take it with meals or on an empty stomach. Epsom salt baths are also another good and effective way to intake magnesium through our skin. It’s magnesium sulfate. The dietary sources of magnesium include green leafy vegetables, seeds, cacao, nuts and many more so try to eat them every day as much as you can.