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A Recent Research Claims Frankincense Is An Antidepressant WITHOUT Any Side Effects!


Stress is something we all face with these days. It’s the necessary evil in our everyday lives. We can’t avoid it and we have to live with it every day because our lives are fulfilled with it. Still, we need to make sure we face with it and cope well as much as we can as it may affect our health.

There are many people who start using anti-anxiety medicines or antidepressants because their psychotherapist advised them to, but the effect they cause is very short and they can also cause numerous other health problems. Insomnia, weight gain, nausea, decreased libido, anxiety etc. are only some of them.

So, this is what makes people start searching for natural solutions like tea, meditation or yoga, but a recent discovery from the Hebrew University of Jerusalem and the Johns Hopkins University claims that frankincense can actually calm down your restless mind!

It Sounds Shocking, Right?

The Boswellia trees give this dried resin that goes by the name of frankincense. It first appeared near the Red Sea in Northeastern Africa.

People have been using it for ages literally to alleviate pain, treat chronic inflammatory diseases, protect their kidneys, prevent cancer etc. It has been proved to be able to reverse breast cancer as well as brain metastases.

Researches show that frankincense can also activate the ion channels inside our brain which in turn alleviate conditions like depression and anxiety.

Incensole acetate is a chemical compound from frankincense which has an effect on TRPV3, a protein in our brain which has an effect on our body’s ability on how to perceive warmth on our skin. That’s where the ability to relax our mind and balance our emotions appears.

Frankincense is full of anti-inflammatory properties which can fight chronic stress connected to conditions related to our mood and depression.

There really are some smells which improve our mood almost instantly because they actually stimulate our olfactory bulb. It goes from our nose inside our brain.

There, it becomes connected to the centers which are in charge of our memories and emotions as well as the hippocampus and the amygdala. Our sense of smell represents the only sense we have that is directly linked to these systems.

We suggest you the best way to use frankincense: add some in your diffuser:

Be careful in case you’re using some strong medicines psychoactive ones. Visit your doctor in this case before you start using frankincense.

Frankincense can also help you against nausea, chest cough, hypertension, fever etc. Add it on your porch and you’ll repel bugs and mosquitoes!

Still, numerous other researches have to be done in order to see whether frankincense can be used in other ways.

Still, depression, anxiety and chronic stress are on the rise nowadays and frankincense is a promising natural remedy that can be used as an antidepressant with excellent results and help people all over the world without any side effects.



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