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This Are The Reasons Why You Need To Hug (And Be Hugged) More Often


Stress has become a big part of our lives and affects many aspects of it. People try different kinds of methods to relieve it and relax themselves, but sometimes even the simplest thing like a hug works better than anything else. Even science has confirmed the fact that hugs can indeed relieve stress and eliminate negative energy and thoughts.

According to a recent research, hugging is one of the most effective and easiest ways to significantly reduce stress levels. Although some people knew this long before science concluded it, it’s really important to recognize the wonders of a simple hug. Here are 7 reasons why you need to hug and be hugged more often:

Relieve pain

It may sound like science fiction to you, but hugs do relieve pain. The act boosts the production of oxytocin in the brain, which makes you forget all about the negative things in your life including the pain. This allows you to focus on the positive things in your life and be more relaxed.

Boosts the morale

A hug in the perfect moment can give your morale a significant boost and completely change your day. The act of hugging also affects the psychological bond between the protagonists and will help them create a stronger relationship.

Reduce your blood pressure

It’s not just the mind that benefits from hugs – the body benefits from them too. When you’re hugging someone, your heart muscle and blood vessels become more relaxed, effectively lowering your blood pressure.

Heal the heart

According to one study, people who don’t have any kind of interaction with their family or loved ones have a higher heart rate. This is also caused by stress which forces the heart to pump more blood through hardened arteries, which reduces the blood flow. The people in the same study that hugged and were hugged more often didn’t experience this problem and had a normal heart rhythm which increases their chances of a longer life.

Improve your self-esteem and defeat fear

Hugging can defeat your fears and any doubts you may have, which will help you lead a long and healthy life. One study discovered a link between the emotional support we give to our babies and how emotionally stable they become as adults. Hugging can improve your children’s management of stress and their social interaction as well. Hug your children more often to show them how much you love them and give them the emotional support they really need when they’re young.

Comfort the elderly

Every older person has the same fear – dying alone and detached from society. Loneliness is a disease which may lead to premature death, but hugging can easily resolve it. Hugging older people will trigger a positive chemical reaction in their body, which will comfort them and show them they’re not alone.

Relax your nerves

Hugging has been scientifically proven to calm and relax your nerves. We’re essentially electrical beings who carry a charge, and hugging has been known to improve the electrical conductivity in the nervous system, effectively relaxing your nerves.

Now that you know how beneficial hugging is, hug a person you love today and you will certainly make their day better!