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This Plant Considered As Weed Is Actually Extremely Beneficial!


One of the plants we all have around our sidewalks or in our gardens is the plantain. Most of us just want to remove it or step on it since we think it’s some ordinary weed.

But, according to some recent studies this plant isn’t a weed. It’s abundant in various nutrients that are very good for our health.  

Researchers consider that we can find 2 types of plantain – Lance and Broadleaf. It can be usually seen where there are dandelions and in rocky soil.

This plant can grow anywhere, literally in any soil. People have also noticed it in gravel pits and on construction sites.

In some parts of the world, it’s also called “The White Man’s Foot” because it started to appear all over again even when the soil was destroyed by the Europeans.

Hikers use this plant very often to repel mosquitoes. People who can benefit from this are mostly the ones suffering from pain, Celiac disease, inflammation or allergies.

The whole plant is beneficial, even its leaves and seeds. It can help you against numerous digestive problems. Add it into soups or stews or use it in the form of tea.

Its seeds contain plenty of fiber that can also help you in the process of weight loss.

Plantain contains plenty of silica. It is an expectorant which means that you can use it to treat numerous respiratory problems. Some experts have also proved that it can also help you treat arthritis and menstrual pain. You can also add it into various salads!