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The Perfect Soup Cleanse – Eat These Soups To Reduce Inflammation In Your Body And Fight Various Ailments


Soups are great when you’re sick – they are the best source of important nutrients that will boost your strength and help you recuperate quickly. Besides the broth, you can add anything you like in soups. Some people love adding coconut oil, while others like them hot and use different spices and herbs. Whatever you pick, you won’t go wrong.

Besides giving our body a boost when we’re under the weather, soups are also great for detoxifying. A simple 3-day soup cleanse will destroy the toxins in your body and provide it with essential nutrients that it requires on a daily basis.

There are many detox soups which will clean your body of toxins and are pretty simple to prepare. The base for these soups is either a vegetable or bone broth, and you can add almost everything in them. We love using turmeric and ginger – both spices are powerful detoxifying agents which can fight numerous ailments.

Another great base for detoxifying soups is mirepoix. Mirepoix is a French word for onions, carrots and celery that are used to start a recipe. This combination will reduce inflammation in your body and has anti-histamine and antioxidant properties that will keep your health in check. Mirepoix is also rich in polyphenols which can prevent cardiovascular diseases and cancer.

As we already said, you can add anything you like to the soups – the various spices and herbs will keep your system healthy and provide your organs with plenty of essential vitamins and minerals. Furthermore, these soups will support your detox organs (lungs, kidneys, liver) and promote toxin elimination through sweating and urine.

A good soup cleanse will clean your liver, lungs, kidneys and lymphatic system and noticeably improve your health. Most of the ingredients in detox soups will force cellular repair and are also better for your digestion than processed or junk foods. Soup cleanses offer a variety of health benefits including treatment and prevention of diabetes, cardiovascular and digestive problems and the deadliest disease of them all – cancer.

Here are a few examples of great detox soup recipes you can prepare on your own:

Coconut, carrot and ginger detox soup

This soup will flood your body with vitamins, minerals and antioxidants which will strengthen your immune system and make you more resistant to infections.

Immune boosting detox soup

Make your own immune boosting soup with some ginger, lemon, turmeric, mushrooms, coconut oil and carrots to keep flu and colds away.

Flu-fighting chicken noodle detox soup

Chicken soups are the best flu fighters – add some cumin, chili, ginger, carrots, celery and other immune boosting ingredients in order to make a supercharged version of the familiar recipe.

White chicken chili detox soup

This spicy soup will jumpstart your immune system and keep you safe from colds.

Green tea and chickpea detox soup

You’ll love this unusual combination thanks to the incredible health benefits it offers.

Coconut curry noodle detox soup

The combination of coconut and curry will boost your immune system and prevent various ailments.

Roasted carrot, turmeric and sweet potato detox soup

This soup is yummy and will clean your system of numerous toxins and chemicals.

Turmeric broth detox soup

This spicy soup will boost your immune system and keep you safe from various infections.

Turmeric miso soup with soba noodles, turnips and shiitake mushrooms

This powerful combination will clean your organs and reinforce your immune system as well.

Golden beet and fennel detox soup

The combination of these nutrients will definitely get your immune system up and running.

As you can see, there are plenty of detox soup options to pick from. The soup cleanses usually last for 1-3 days, which is just enough time to eliminate toxins from your body fully. We strongly urge you to try it – it doesn’t last that long and your body will thank you later.