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The Pain In Every Tooth Can Show A Problem With An Organ In Our Body; The Connection Is Incredible!


When acupuncture practitioners want to have an improved practice, they follow a tooth chart of meridians.Teeth can be used for diagnosis and later treatment of certain body parts.

Here is an example:

the lateral and lower central incisors are on a meridian that is connected to the adrenal glands, so when these teeth become sensitive or we feel pain in them, it means our adrenal function is imbalanced.

Teeth and Meridians

Every tooth is connected to a system an organ.The chi spreads in two directions: when a tooth is injured, it means that a faraway body part is in question. Tooth 4 (or otherwise said a root canal in the second bicuspid) can indicate a problem with the lung tissue or your breasts.

People can also feel pain in a tooth that they had extracted in the past. This goes by the name of “phantom pain”. Even though the tooth isn’t there anymore, you can still feel the pain.

Studies On The Subject

According to numerous health practitioners, there is a connection between the complete health of the body and the oral health.  There is a study from 2009 which claims that our teeth are sensory organs. While we eat, the mechanoreceptors in our teeth control several neural activities.

It is because of them that we know how fast and how hard to chew so that we can offer our brain a sensory feedback. There are mechanoreceptive fibers in the tooth pulp.

The process of mechanoreception represents the mechanical displacement or the unconscious sensing of touch. It can also arise from the stimuli outside your body. The sensory end organs which respond to some mechanical stimuli like vibration, pressure, tension etc. are called mechanoreceptors. Our teeth are necessary for the neural communication because they offer a unique sensory input which is responsible for some other important biological processes.

According to a Finnish study, the genes that we need for proper tooth development are also responsible for some organs in our body and their development. They are the ones which can indicate some risk of cancer during our life. There is a connection between how breast cancer is formed and the development of abnormal teeth, according to researchers.

They also claim that there is a connection between breast cancer and the bacteria found inside dental pulp. It has been proved that chronic dental infections can increase the risk of erectile dysfunction, stroke, cardiovascular problems etc.

The Tooth Chart of Meridians Is Easy To Understand

You have to remember that it doesn’t mean that whenever you have a toothache, you have a problem with some organ in your body. You just have to explore and you have that possibility.

These are some meridians which are connected to your teeth:

The meridians which connect your canine teeth and your incisors are connected to the gallbladder, liver and kidney.The molars and the bicuspids are connected to the stomach and the large intestine.

Some joints, muscles, glands and organs from our body are connected to these teeth and their meridians:

  • When you feel pain in the lower and upper incisors, you may have a problem with an ear, bladder or kidney infection, but also the reproductive organs and the lymphatic system.
  • Pain in the molars can be a sign of hemorrhoids, anemia, bladder infections, intestinal and stomach ulcers, chronic inflammation of the pancreas, breast health, inflammation of the stomach lining (chronic gastritis) and rheumatism.
  • Pin in the wisdom teeth shows problems with the intestines, liver, heart and central nervous system, but also liver disease, headache, pain in the extremities, eczema, cardiovascular disease and high blood pressure.

Specific Illnesses

Here are also some illnesses connected to specific teeth:

  • Pain in the premolar (bicuspid) teeth can appear because of colitis, pneumonia, dysbacteriosis (intestinal flora imbalance), an allergic reaction, etc.
  • When the fourth tooth is in pain, no matter if it’s in the bottom or top, it may be a sign of joint problems like arthritis, but also large intestine and lung problems.
  • Pain in the bottom canine teeth usually means that there is a problem with the lungs, atherosclerosis or maybe some problem with the circulatory system.
  • When the lower molars are in pain there can be problems with some respiratory illnesses like asthma, pneumonia or bronchitis, also polyps in the colon, varicose veins, etc.

Holistic Dentistry

Holistic health has also found its way in dentistry. It goes by the name of biological dentistry. Experts claim that it’s always the best to try and find the least toxic way for a treatment so that you avoid intoxicating your teeth, mouth, blood etc.

You can treat your teeth using a holistic approach, but this is very rare, so you need to make sure you find a good practitioner who understands their work and will do the best they can to help you.



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