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Oxford Scientist Says That Working Hours Before 10 AM Are Destroying Our Health!


According to Dr. Paul Kelley from Oxford University, getting up and working before 10 AM has a highly negative effect on our health. Our bodies, according to the doctor, run on a “biological” timer known as the circadian rhythm. This cycle allows us to wake up in the morning, regulates our brain activity and energy levels as well as our hormone production.

When we get up for work before 10 AM, we are disrupting our biological clock due to the interference with the circadian rhythm, which is great news for everyone except early birds.

“We can’t change our circadian rhythm,” Kelley says. “This is why we can’t make ourselves get up at a certain time, as the heart and liver have different working patterns.”

The 8-hour working day was introduced in the early 1920s in order to increase the 24\7 efficiency of factories. However, when it was invented, no one took the circadian rhythm into account.

This, according to Dr. Kelley, is one of the main reasons for today’s sleep-deprived society. “We evolved past the daily sunlight cycle, but these modern businesses did not,” he says. “This is exactly why so many people are sleep deprived”.

Dr. Kelley has a solution, although it isn’t exactly popular in the business community. He suggests shifting the British school day from 8:30 to 10 AM. The doctor tested this theory on a small group of students, and the results showed improved attendance and higher grades as well.

Think of the improvements if the same method was applied to the whole society. Sounds great, right? Instead of coming tired to work, you will be able to come fresh and be more productive.

Right now, we have a nation of overworked coffee-craving zombies that can’t do their work properly. There is an easy solution, but we’re not so sure businesses would meet it with open hands.

According to Dr. Kelley, the companies that demand their workers show up for work before 10 AM should be held responsible for numerous emotional and mental problems.

Working before 10 AM has a serious negative impact on our health, and is the main reason for the increasing amounts of coffee we drink, which further harms our health. Dr. Kelley’s solution is pretty simple, and he has another fan in us.