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Osteoporosis Isn’t Calcium Deficiency! It’s Scurvy of the Bone!


Many older women take various medicines called bisphosphonates and even supplements like calcium and other minerals in order to treat osteoporosis or osteopenia. But, this is actually a very harmful approach to treat degrading bones with age. Unfortunately, many patients who take their recommended doses of calcium regularly suffer from vascular disease because analyses and X-rays show that they have calcified heart valves and  calcified blood vessels.

In women who are under treatment for hypertension, there is often a calcified breast artery. Doctors usually prescribe a thiazide diuretic against high blood pressure, because of which the body starts to lose potassium and magnesium, but also retains calcium.

These types of calcifications are usually present in the large arteries of the whole body and not only in the breasts. According to some experts, these problems can be completely avoided.

All of the nutrients and calcium will be incorporated by the matrix of the bone in the proper areas. In order to have a healthy skeleton, it is also necessary to do weight bearing exercises. If you don’t suffer from any low back pain or disk disease, put some weights in your backpack and exercise freely!

You should be aware that supplements can’t replace proper nutrition. Scientists discover something new about food every day.

Vitamins For Your Bones

Foods which contain plenty of minerals like silica, boron, magnesium as well as vitamins K2 and C are very important for healthy bones. Try to include vitamin D3, too, especially during the winter months.

These minerals and vitamins are definitely more important than calcium and can keep your bones healthy and prevent fractures.

In case you supply your body with plenty of vitamins K2, D3 and C, the calcium you ingest from food will be directed properly to where it should and not in the blood vessels and your heart.

Vitamin C Does Several Things To Strengthen Your Bones:

  • The bones becomes mineralized and bone-forming cell growth is being stimulated;
  • It prevents greater degradation of the bone with the help of inhibiting bone-absorbing cells;
  • Oxidative stress which causes aging becomes decreased;
  • It is very important for the synthesis of collagen.

In case of low levels of vitamin C, the opposite thing happens. New bones aren’t formed and the bones cells which are degrading and go by the name of osteoclasts proliferate.

According to researches, elderly patients with fractured bones were proven to have significantly lower levels of vitamin C in the blood than the patients without fractures. People who had increased levels of vitamin C, had a greater bone mineral density.

All of the holistic practitioners consider vitamin K2 to be extremely important in the bone as well as cardiovascular health. It’s a good idea to use a supplement in case of heart or bone problems.

If you take about 50-70 mg/ml of vitamin D3 regularly, your immune system will function well and your bones will be very strong.  

It may seem to you as too many supplements, but it’s very important, since our everyday lifestyle is full of stress and toxins, as well as a busy lifestyle.

Take from 2 to 5 grams of sodium ascorbate every day, but in case of any kidney disease, visit your doctor for a consultation first.

Vitamin C is considered to be among the safest and the most non-toxic supplement of all, even though greater doses can cause a laxative effect in some people. Use ascorbic acid, sodium ascorbate or liposomal vitamin C. Never use calcium ascorbate or Ester-C. In case you want to use a natural source based on plants, take Camu-Camu. It is abundant in vitamin C.