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Napping Can Dramatically Increase Awareness, Memory, Learning, and More


Having a nap is really important. Some cultures even consider it a sacred habit to fill themselves with energy, rest well or just escape the greatest heat. According to scientific studies, even the shortest nap on midday can improve your learning focus, the memory, the complete physical performance and your mood.

There are even offices in some countries of the world which offer their employees nap spaces because they want the people who work for them to be well-rested at all times.

We know that when a baby is born, it needs a lot of good sleep and naps so that it can develop properly and grow well. People who are older nap during the day because they can’t sleep well at night. Still, this is something that everyone needs to do, not only the elderly or babies.

Napping Offers These Benefits

Even though we’ve already mentioned that napping improves our energy as well as our memory, there are numerous other benefits it offers, too.

When you nap often (and we mean having short naps), it helps us have “sleep inertia” of a decreased intensity. It also lasts shorter. We must be aware that it would be the best for us to have shorter naps because they’re more effective. The most effective naps should only last about 10 minutes. If you nap longer, you’ll wake up very difficult and the benefits of your nap will be decreased.

When naps are longer than half an hour, they’ll impair our sleep inertia. If you nap for 90 minutes in the middle of the day, your complete night sleep will be disturbed.

The best effects will appear if you nap with the same duration at the exact time every day. People usually take one cup of coffee when they feel like they would nap in the middle of the day, but this isn’t what they need. A nap is the real deal. If you nap regularly or at least 3 times a week, the levels of your stress as well as the blood pressure will be decreased significantly.

If you start feeling like your nap impairs your sleeping at night, then you have to stop doing it and consider everything.

We need to sleep well at night since that’s the time our body rests and eliminates toxins. Our brain stores memories then and also rests. A regular nap can really disturb your night sleep which isn’t something you would want to acquire.

The best time for a short nap would be during the early afternoon. Try to relax in a cool place which is dark and quiet. You can also use a sleep mask if you can. Try to relax well and stop everything you’re doing. When your nap takes place, you’ll see all the benefits it offers and you’ll truly be amazed! Start napping today!