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This Mixture Made Of Baking Soda And Lemon Juice Is 10.000 Times More Powerful Than Chemotherapy!


A recent research claims that a very simple mixture can help people treat acidosis and remove cancer cells. It’s a mixture composed on a very simple ingredient that professional athletes use to improve their energy levels as well as their stamina.

What does metabolic acidosis represent?

This condition appears when our body is highly acidic. It shows you that you need urgent diet and lifestyle changes. Acidosis can also cause numerous diseases like diabetes, heart disease, arthritis, cancer, osteoporosis, asthma, gout, MS, dementia, arrhythmia, headaches, kidney stones, depression, shortness of breath, digestive problems, urinary tract infections and fatigue.

There is a connection between cancer cells and acidosis. It was discovered many years ago. It’s a well-known fact that cancer cells need an environment which is acidic to live in. This type of environment makes our body alkaline. Studies have proved that an alkaline body which is healthy should have a pH of 7.2-7.5 while cancer cells have a pH of 6.

Baking soda destroys cancer cells!

According to a research from the University of Arizona conducted by Dr. Marty Pagel, sodium bicarbonate is really powerful against cancer cells. Some of the results are amazing and the team wants to perform other researches as well.

In a previous research by Dr. Robert Gillies it was proved that baking soda has the ability to alkalize the area surrounding tumors in mice. It was also discovered to prevent spontaneous metastasis. Athletes are known to use bicarbonate capsules before they go on a race. This is called “soda doping.” Baking soda possesses amazing benefits. It is also known to improve the condition of swimmers.

The powerful limonoids

One especially effective way to use baking soda against cancer is to combine it with lemons. It’s an extremely powerful combination. Lemons are full of limonoids. These are phytochemicals with anti-cancer properties. They have the ability to remove the layer which protects cancer cells. The mixture of baking soda and lemon can also destroy fungus.

Lemons are abundant in vitamin C. It can detoxify our body, strengthen our immunity and fight free radicals. It also contains limonene, which can improve our lymph and blood flow, but also stop the spreading of infections.

Dr. Johanna Budwig presented the so called Budwig protocol a century ago. This is a diet that can reverse and fight the effects cancer has. She claimed that it was very important to eat natural alkaline foods because the acidity should be blamed for the appearance of cancer.

This amazing mixture of lemons and baking soda can also help you against insect bites, athlete’s foot etc.

More powerful than conventional cancer treatments

Experts claim that this amazing mixture is even lemon is 10.000 times more powerful than chemotherapy.

The preparation is very easy. Just add 1 tablespoon of baking soda into a glass of water. When it is dissolved, transfer it into a glass jar. Squeeze a lemon inside and put the peel in the jar, too. Add 3 glasses of water plus. The mixture should be left in the fridge overnight.

Drink 3 glasses of it in the morning. You may find this very difficult to do in the beginning, but it will pass. The pH balance of your body will be restored and you’ll stop cancer from developing. Drink 250 ml. of this mixture before you go to bed, too.

These 2 ingredients are easily available and they aren’t expensive at all. You may already have them at home. This amazing beverage will help you against numerous health conditions.

You can discover what your pH is with the help of a litmus pH paper from the pharmacy. You should measure your saliva. In the morning, your saliva might be too acidic because you haven’t drunk anything throughout the night, so don’t worry. 7-7.2 on the pH scale are the ideal pH levels of your body.