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These 3 Mineral Waters Can Help You Remove Aluminum From The Brain


Nowadays, more and more neurological diseases have been connected to aluminum toxicity and it has been researched. When aluminum comes into contact with our gray matter, it cannot be stopped by our   blood brain barrier. It starts to accumulate there, but unfortunately stays in the tissue that’s without a rapid cellular turnover.

The process of natural cell death is called apoptosis. The process of replacement should be through the body, but without the cancer cells. These cells only reproduce and begin spreading. They form tumors unless the process of apoptosis starts. The cancer cells can also be killed by any chemical compounds no matter if they’re synthetic or natural.

When the process of apoptosis is very slow in cell turnover in some of the tissues like the brain, bone matter and the heart, the aluminum can increase and reach toxic levels. The brain starts to manifest this to diseases like Parkinson’s, chronic fatigue, Alzheimer’s, MS, as well as many other auto-immune or neurological disorders. Here we can also include the learning disorders, the complete autistic spectrum and also the full blown autism.

Aluminum toxins can’t be avoided in the environment. They are simply everywhere: cosmetics, cookware, foil, sunscreen, beverage containers, antacids, cigarette smoke, antiperspirants etc. We breathe them and they go into our blood and brain.

Aluminum is also a part of vaccines.

Dr. Chris Exley, PhD is a famous doctor who claims that we live in the era of the aluminum. According to many, aluminum is one of the most common minerals found on our planet and they all claim it’s harmless. But, Dr. Exley is the one that has especially researched aluminum.

According to him, mining aluminum can be extremely dangerous and it’s the precise thing that causes the appearance of neurological diseases.

In 2011, Dr. Chris Exley’s Discussed At Th Vaccine Safety Conference

During this conference, the doctor especially discussed about the possibility of improvement in the neurological damage in vaccinated children. The discussion also included facts about another one of the minerals that’s also present on Earth and that’s silica. The doctor used silicic acid on vaccinated children who had neurological damage as well as various autism spectrum disorders. The results were remarkable.

The type of acid used in these researches is actually oxygenated silica. Dr. Exley claims that it is one of the best ways to intake silica through our intestines into the blood and in the end into the brain. There, it connects to the molecules of aluminum. When they’re bind like that, they are removed out of the brain cell tissue through the urine safely out of our organism.  

What the doctor used what Spritzer, a Malasysian mineral water. The children had autism spectrum and were aluminum toxic. The results were amazing. In a later research, he tested 15 patients with Alzheimer’s disease (AD). He gave the patients one liter of the very same water every day for a period of 13 weeks.

In all of the tested patients, the levels of aluminum levels were lower from 50 to 70%. * of the patients with AD didn’t deteriorate anymore and 3 of them even had a cognitive increase! Coconut oil has also been proved to have excellent results in reversing AD. Still, these mineral waters that contain ionic silicic acid are able to decrease the aluminum toxicity in the brain so that it can prevent the appearance of AD.

Other types of water similar to this one are Fiji and Volvic. Fiji contains the highest level of ionic suspended silica and it’s not as expensive as the other two.

The bottles in which Fiji is packed are also very safe. They don’t contain BPA or chemicals similar to it. Other types of water bottles without BPA are Smart Water, Evian and Voss.

Dr. Exley suggests drinking at least 1.5 liters of this kind of water a day at least 5 days. If the levels of aluminum toxicity are very high, you can drink more. The most efficient thing you can do to detoxify your brain from aluminum is to drink the whole bottle of 1.5 liters in 1 hour.

This type of mineral waters that contains silica can be also used as a supplement to prevent dementia. It has been used along with cold pressed coconut oil to stop the earliest signs of Alzheimer’s, but also to revers some symptoms that have already appeared in patients with AD symptoms.

When we use enough silica supplements, we can throw out aluminum through our urine successfully. There isn’t a risk of too much supplements or this water, as long as we consume plenty or vitamin B1, potassium and water.

More About Silica

All the connecting tissues in our body have collagen elasticity because of silica. Here we can also include our cartilage and tendons. Our body is more flexible and also the pains and the aches are all being minimalized. When we have enough silica in our blood serum, our blood vessels don’t clog and don’t gather arterial plaque.

Silica is also very important in the building of our one matter.

The calcium can’t be a part of our bone matter if we don’t have enough vitamin K2, magnesium and silica. It will remain in some of our soft tissues and our heart and it can be potentially dangerous.

If we want to have a strong heart and bones, we need to have enough silica. It is considered to be an anti-aging mineral that is crucial for our organism. We can also intake silica through cucumbers, diatomaceous earth powder and a herb called horsetail.

These three things we mentioned last still don’t contain the silicic acid that can be found in the mineral waters we mentioned above. If we don’t have it, it cannot penetrate into our blood-brain barrier.