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Are Microwave Ovens Safe For Our Health?


Microwaves have become a common part of everyone’s kitchen since their invention during World War II. This kitchen appliance was invented completely by accident. During World War II, scientists have been exploring high-frequency radio waves and their ability to locate Nazi airplanes in the sky.

While examining their effects, an American physicist named Percy LeBaron Spencer discovered that the high-frequency waves melted a chocolate candy bar in his pocket, and he got an idea of using them for cooking food. Later, Spencer became the world’s leading expert in radar tube design and invented the microwave oven as well.

The reason we’re describing the invention of the microwave oven is to explain their true nature – microwave ovens have a frequency of 2.45 billion hertz, which isn’t dangerous on its own except in cases when the microwaves leaks. Sadly, such a problem is possible and increasingly common nowadays, with so many companies producing these important appliances.

Radio wave frequencies above 10 hertz can harm our health, which makes microwaves deadly. According to studies, microwaves are indeed dangerous and responsible for a variety of ailments including reduced resistance to infections, cataract, birth defects, weakened immune system and even cancer.

Hans Hertel, a Swiss scientist discovered that microwaves can strip the food we eat of nutrients, and that the radiation from it destroys food molecules, resulting in the creation of radioactive compounds. One study from 1992, showed that microwaves might be responsible for:

  • Increase leukocytes;
  • A rise in cholesterol levels;
  • Reduced hemoglobin levels;
  • Depleted white blood cells;
  • Altered amino acids.

Furthermore, the study found that they also strip 96% of the antibodies in breast milk and cause immunological abnormalities in infants.

The maximum limit of electromagnetic exposure is .5mg.-2.5 mg. of EMF. Standing 4 inches from the appliance can expose you to 100-500 mg. EMF, while standing at a distance of 3 feet can exposure you to 1-25 mg. EMF. Yes, a microwave is a fast and convenient way of preparing or warming up food, but with the danger they pose, they should be avoided.