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Here’ What It Means When You Wake Up At A Certain Hour Overnight


Our body is a complex mechanism made up of several systems that run similar to clocks. According to experts, our physical and spiritual attributes should be viewed as a whole in order to understand how the body works. In Traditional Chinese Medicine, it is believed that every organ in our body has high and low energy points through which energy flow.

TCM has invented a so-called “body clock” that helps us understand how the energy moves through the so-called meridians in the organs, and how the energy affects them.

Any kind of disruption in the energy flow in the meridians can lead to reduced organ function and certain health problem. In this way, we’re able to identify energy blockages in a certain organ which need to be cleared so it can work properly and you get proper rest overnight. Here’s what waking up at a certain hour overnight means:

9-11 PM

If you’re waking up at this point of the night, you’re having some kind of problem with the endocrine system. The endocrine system is made up of glands that secrete important hormones for our metabolism. Once the energy flow in the system is blocked, it can lead to insufficient production of important hormones and numerous health problems. Other factors that can affect the function of the endocrine system are poor diet or eating a late heavy meal.

11 PM–1 AM

During this time, our body turns the Yin energy to Yang. The Yang energy keeps our body active for the next day. If you’re waking up between 11 and 1 PM, it might be because of an energy blockage in the gallbladder.

1–3 AM

At this time, the body is going through a detox process that is supposed to help it repair organs. The liver is the most active organ during this time – it cleans toxins out of the blood, while providing the tissues with fresh blood. If you’re waking up at this hour, it might be related to bottled up emotions such as anger or frustration. In order to get some much-needed rest, you need to start thinking positively and learn how to relax.

3–5 AM

At this time, the lungs are going through a repair process and provide your body with clean oxygen. In order to keep them working properly, your body must be kept warm. From a spiritual perspective, you are probably waking up at this time because of grief or sadness, which can cause significant lung problems. In order to prevent from waking up at this point of the night, you should try some breathing techniques. Lucid dreaming, sensitivity to noise, appetite changes or feeling cold may also make you wake up between 3 and 5 AM.

5-7 AM

If you’re waking between 5-7 AM in the morning, it’s due to some kind of problem with the large intestine. During this time, this important organ breaks down toxins and start the elimination process. In general, eating late at night and a poor diet may make your large intestine sluggish and inefficient, which can result in waking up this early.

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