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This Man Managed To Lose 176 Pounds In Under A Year Just Because He Followed These 3 Steps!


Nowadays, what has become very important is how we look like and our physical body. Many people look the aesthetic body first. That’s OK, but it is very important that you’re very strong mentally, so that you can get in shape and be healthy at the same time.

Body transformation doesn’t necessarily mean that you only need to be very strong. You have to set a goal and have a motive that will make you create a lifestyle change. One of the people who has acquired that is Andy Albertson of Wichita Falls, Texas. We’re going to present you his weight loss journey here as well as how he managed to change his own mindset.

Andy Albertson’s Weight Loss Story

Andy wasn’t always a person who has 317 pounds, but still he was willing to change. During his childhood, he played basketball, soccer and baseball. It was during his fifth grade when he started having a poor diet and gain weight very fast.

School kids used the nickname “Andyopolis” for him in junior high. He looked as big as one city. Even one teacher who used to award all children with candy asked him if he really wanted to eat it because he was trying to lose weight. It really had a negative effect on his self-esteem back then.

There were also a lot of bullies in high school when he weighed 240 pounds and he was five feet and five inches tall. Andy was overweight and he was bullied, so he only sought comfort in his food. He only felt better by eating.

When he was in college, he used to go home early so that no one would see him. He just hated the way he looked.

Andy’s Weight Loss Journey

In January 2015, Andy started to go to the gym for one hour a day. He only used the elliptical. The results appeared very soon. He was feeling healthier. During the first month in the gym, he managed to lose 20 pounds and started to lose even 40 more from then on.

Mental Block #1

When he lost 60 pounds, he felt like he hit a mental block which only stalled his progress. He immediately knew that he needed to do something or the weight will be back very soon.

He started to work with a personal trainer called Jerry Hughes. He proposed to Andy a very strict workout regimen that had him doing cardio every day as well as some very hard exercises three days a week.

During the first month, Andy lose over 24 inches and 20 pounds!

Mental Block #2

Andy managed to lose over 140 pounds. His goal was to lose 170 pounds. But, then again, he had another mental block and he wanted to stop doing everything.

Hughes encouraged him more and more. He reminded him about his success.

If Andy was alone on this journey, he would have definitely quit then. That’s why it’s very important to have someone close to you during this type of journeys. They will motivate you and remind you of your goal constantly.

He even wrote a post on Facebook about his journey and the mental blocks. Still, he says that it’s very important to be prepared and make sure that you’ll all have some mental blocks during your own journey. You mustn’t give up! You must push yourself as much as you can! It is very important to achieve your goals!

Andy’s 3 Steps for Success

Here are the 3 steps Andy made and gained success:

1. Research

If you have to go to a restaurant with family or friends, don’t excuse yourself! Study the menu and choose what’s the best dish for you according to your diet. You can check the nutrition status on any dish with the help from the Internet on your mobile phone.

2. Have a Buddy

Everything is more fun when you have someone who will care about you and encourage you all the way. When Andy started his journey, even his mother Mary changed her habits towards exercising and nutrition. Andy claims that she has helped him a lot.

3. Give it a Shot

You must try something so that you know whether it was worth it. It will make a great difference if you go to the gym and see the results very soon. You’ll be motivated all the way!

Practical Weight Loss Tips

In order to have a good exercise routine, you have to know your body type. If you want to start, use some free plans to workout at home or some fat-burning exercises. They’re extremely helpful!