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This Man Lost More Than 140 Pounds After Eliminating These Foods From His Diet!


Sometimes, we all need to experience some shocking event in our life in order to learn more about ourselves. That was the case with Patrick Delaney, an obese man who realized that he must lose weight immediately or face premature death. Patrick’s father in 2015, and this event made Patrick, who was 30 and weighed 340 pounds at the time, make drastic lifestyle changes which will reduces his risk of heart attack.

Patrick says that he doesn’t remember a time when he was slim. He struggled with his weight from early on in his life, and although he spent his high school and college years working, the main problem was his diet. Patrick ate a fried chicken sandwich and drank a few cans of soda with it almost every day of the week for lunch, and after work, he always visited Taco Bell or Pizza Hut.

Over time, the unhealthy diet took its toll on his health. Besides the junk food, Patrick would often go out in the evening and have 5-10 beers with his friends, so it’s no surprise that he eventually got obese.

According to Patrick, it wasn’t just the food that made him fat, but his overall unhealthy lifestyle. He often skipped breakfast, was constantly overeating, and he never took note of the amount of calories he was consuming. Add almost no physical activity to these factors, and you’ve got yourself a recipe for disaster.

Patrick consumed more than 4000 calories during the day and he was skipping breakfast! During college, he went to a gym for a week, but as there were no quick results, he quit. “I always thought of myself as a big guy due to genetics or sluggish metabolism, and never considered other factors important,” Delaney says.

After his father’s funeral, Patrick realized that he needed to start making changes. He started with his diet– he stopped drinking soda, which cut over 600 calories per day from his diet!

However, adjusting to a new diet was a bigger problem than he imagined – going from fast food every day to eating healthy is a big change, and counting calories was another obstacle. Patrick decided to download an app called MyFitnessPal which helped him track his calorie intake and follow his weight loss progress.

After cutting out soda from his diet, Patrick turned to fast food. He stopped going to restaurants and cut out fast food from his diet completely, eating homecooked meals and vegetables every day of the week.

He started eating 5-6 smaller meals a day in order to boost his metabolism, and for snacks, he only had almonds, grapes and Greek yogurt. Feeding his body with healthy fats and carbs instead of fast food was the main thing that helped him lose an incredible amount of weight.

As of July this year, Patrick has reached 199.5 pounds and his next goal is hitting 180. He now knows that hitting the gym without a healthy diet means nothing. For the last two years, Patrick has been alternating between cardio and strength training, and he started with half an hour a day on a treadmill. Now, he does it all, including planks, squats, bicep curls, triceps dips, pullups and bench press as well.

“Now, I want to get out and move more instead of sitting all day long. I no longer crave fast food, and I had a soda drink recently, but it didn’t taste great so I threw it in the trash,” Patrick says with a smile. “The attention I’ve been getting from women is incredible. The other day, a girl stared at me for five minutes and I thought I had something on my shirt,” he says laughing.

It may have taken 2 years, but Patrick is now satisfied with himself. He is the perfect example that you can do anything if you’re willing to do it. Follow his example and shed those excess pounds to keep your health in check and look better than ever.