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This Man Defeated Diabetes Completely Naturally! Here’s How


A few years ago, one man was shocked to learn that he was suffering from diabetes and high blood pressure at the age of 29. He was recommended a therapy by his doctor, but knowing how dangerous can conventional medications be, he decided to treat it naturally. The man put himself on a diet of fruit and vegetables, and things were good for some time.

However, after a while the man started feeling thirsty all the time. He went to the doctor to check the symptom out, and found out that even at the age of 29, his pancreas stopped working. Worried, he accepted the recommended treatment and started being more physically active. Sadly, even that didn’t help – the man’s blood pressure was constantly on the rise and even his triglyceride levels went through the roof. It was clear that nothing was helping, and that it was time for radical changes.

One day, while watching TV, the man stumbled upon an interview with Dr. John Zirdum who talked about how he defeated diabetes without medications. He recommended juicing as the best therapy against the disease, along with consuming raw food. With no ideas left and time running out, the man decided to follow Dr. Zirdum’s advice.

A month later, the results were stunning! The man’s glucose levels and blood pressure dropped to a normal reading, and he even started losing weight. 4 months later, he became a new person – he lost more than 20 kg., he brought his cholesterol and triglycerides under control and he was no longer suffering from diabetes.

The man’s diet consists of fresh raw fruits and vegetables and natural juices as well. Here’s one of his favorite recipes:

  • 2 kiwis
  • 2 apples
  • 5 bananas
  • Kale


Nothing too complicated – just put everything in a blender with half a glass of water and drink half of the smoothie fresh, keeping the other half for during the day. During the treatment you also need to pay more attention to the food you eat. Make sure to consume salads often, and add a bit of tuna in your diet in order to boost your vitamin B12 levels.