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“Mammography is Outdated and Harmful to Women” Claim Surgeons


It is very important for every woman to do tests related to age, like for example annual mammograms. They are necessary so that breast cancer can be detected on time and save a woman’s life, if necessary. Mammography can indeed do that. Unfortunately, nowadays you can read everything about mammograms supported with evidence. One example of this is that they can be really dangerous for the tissue of the breasts, so they are actually the ones to cause breast cancer.

Every doctor will recommend a woman to perform a routine mammogram in case she has a family member who has had breast cancer. But, from 1976, mammograms have become obligatory and they are recommended to every woman above 30 years of age.

In this article, we’re presenting you several facts you need to know before you decide to start doing regular mammograms.

1. They Aren’t Connected To Decreased Death Rates Of Breast Cancer

There were more studies performed about how mammography is effective in decreasing the rate of death from breast cancer, but 7 studies were connected together in a research from 2013 which showed some rather disturbing results. They included 6.000 women aged from 39 to 74.

These are the findings:

  • There was no effect on the death rate from breast or other types of cancer for the women who used mammography regularly;
  • The women who performed mammograms had higher numbers of surgeries (mastectomies and lumpectomies) and radiation treatments.

Other studies performed later only concluded these results.

2. Women Who DO Regular Mammograms Have Over-Diagnosed Results Of Breast Cancer

A study from 205 by the Journal of the American Medical Association claims that women who do regular mammogram screening tests have an increased chances to be diagnosed with breast cancer. But, the research did not prove connection with the subsequent breast cancer mortality and the increased testing on mammography.

The over-diagnosed cases of breast cancer go from 30 to 55%. It doesn’t always mean that there is breast cancer, but there are some non-invasive tumors and benign growths discovered in these women. They don’t endanger the health, but they still need to be discovered on time.

3. Over-diagnosed Breast Cancer Uses Conventional Treatment That Can Do More Bad Than Good Things

This can be compared to the treatment of common cold with prescribed antibiotics. Doctors suggest conventional treatments against breast cancer in the form of: surgery, hormone replacement therapy, as well as chemotherapy. Unfortunately, some of them aren’t always necessary.

Our body is used to destroy cancerous cells with every day. When we say that breast tissue needs to be detected early, it means that doctors just want to pay you attention and not that that will destroy your life.

Try not to consider aggressive treatments immediately because the consequences can be even deadly. Just think about this: what would you do if you have a wart on the foot? Would you let a specialist perform an amputation just because of the wart or you’ll do anything you can to eliminate it without the need of this dangerous treatment?

4. There Can Be False Positive Results Shown On Mammography

It can be very common for a patient to obtain results which are falsely positive. That often appears in women who are younger. The breast tissue shows anomalies found by the mammogram.

In case your result arrived with a suggestion for further testing, it can be a false positive test result. Long-term psychological effects as well as anxiety appear in many patients who obtain false positive results.

5. Radiation kills

There are numerous researches which show that radiation can have deadly results and develop cancer in time.

You’ve probably seen this with dental hygienists. When they perform an X-ray for your teeth, they usually step behind a wall and put a lead apron on you. There are researches which show that when doctors perform annual mammograms on you, the radiation used can indeed induce breast cancer. There are also cases of death in women. As the number of mammograms becomes higher, your risk becomes higher, too.

6. High-Risk Women Have Fewer Resources Because Of Cancer Screening

Routine mammograms come with no benefits. Only significant harm and a lot of money, but later also unnecessary treatment takes place. These women also have destroyed interpersonal relationships and a lot of hard time because of their disturbed emotions.

It would always be better to use every resource on women who have a higher risk of breast cancer and the ones with changes in their breast tissue so that the growth or cancer can be confirmed.

7. There Is Decreased Information In the Public  

Professionals will always demand treatment like for example screening. Unfortunately, they won’t tell you the harmful side-effects that may appear. After all, there is a lot of clinical evidence about the harmful effects mammography can cause. Websites don’t show information about the pros and cons in case of mammography.

The cancer industry takes a lot of money because of these treatments. People can educate themselves. They mustn’t rely on their doctors all the time about any problem and not only in cases of breast cancer.

Try to discover options for your own body. It will tell you what you need to know. In case you want to gain a little bit of knowledge, make sure you do that by researching and talking to other professionals. One option you can use is thermography as an alternative to the harmful screening.



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