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Make A Complete Body Transformation In Only 4 Weeks With These 5 Simple Exercises!


We live stressful lives and we are all very busy nowadays, but we somehow manage to do some exercises because we want to be fit. There are people who eat small amounts of healthy food or count calories, but don’t exercise. There are people who choose to exercise and visit the gym, but there are also people who opt for exercising at home. What do you think? Who has good results?

This is simple! Everyone who won’t forget their goal, eats healthy food and tries to do what’s best for them! In order to be and live happier, try to focus on what’s the most important thing for you.

In today’s article, we’re offering you a really interesting solution that includes 5 exercises you need to do every day if you want to improve your whole body. The results will appear in about one month, but you need a lot of patience especially if you have are overweight. You’ll need some extra time, but you’ll definitely notice the first results very fast!

This is how the process looks like:

 1. Plank

It is considered to be among the best exercises that will help you strengthen your body, the shoulders and abs. Start by doing a push-up on the floor. The elbows need to be bent at 90 degrees. Hold on them while your forefeet and forearms are all in a straight line that goes from your head to your feet. Make sure you don’t move the butt or the waist. You need to stay still for at least 1 minute.

2. Push-ups

This is also an important exercise that will include every muscle from your body. They will be firm and tight in no time.

Start by doing a plank. The hands need to be right under your shoulders. The whole body has to be pushed up. Keep the butt, legs and back in a straight line. Go down and then up again. Repeat this as much as you can.

3. Squats

This is a great exercise for a strengthened core, but also built calves, hams and quads. You’ll burn a lot of fats by doing it.

Start by positioning the feet shoulder-width apart. The hands should be in the front. You need to look like you’re sitting on an imaginary chair. The head needs to face forward. Keep the back straight. Lower yourself by keeping the thighs in a parallel with the floor. Press with your weight on your heels.

4. Bird-dog

Start by doing a plank. Make sure you’re on your hands and knees. Then, start stretching one of the arms with the opposite leg. The body needs to be straight perfectly.

Stay like that calmly and start lowering them down. Repeat the same thing with your other arm and leg. It’s a great exercise for your lower back, abs as well as the complete core which will be strengthened in no time!

5. Lying hip raises

This is the best exercise for well-created hamstrings and glutes, but also strengthened thighs, back and abs.

Lie on the back. The knees should be bent while your feet are flat. Make sure you keep your arms extended at a degree of 45. The hips should be lifted towards the ceiling while you tilt the pelvis and squeeze the glutes. Start going down slowly and then repeat the same movement.

This is how the four-week plan should look like:

There are 2 separate types of workouts:

  • Plank for 1 minute
  • Push-ups for 1 minute 
  • Squats for 2 minutes 
  • Bird-dog for 1 minute 
  • Lying hip raises for 1 minute 
  • Plank for 1 minute 
  • Push-ups for 1 minute 
  • Squats for 2 minutes 

You should always make a pause of 10 seconds between the exercises!

  • Plank for 3 minutes
  • Bird-dog for 3 minutes 
  • Lying hip raises for 3 minutes 
  • Push-ups for 1 minute 
  • You should always make a pause of 15 seconds between the exercises!

Do this 6 times a week and rest for 1 day!  

Week 1

Workout n.1 on Day 1

Workout n. 2 on Day 2  

Workout n.1 on Day 3  

Workout n.2 on Day 4

Workout n.1 on Day 5

Workout n.2 on Day 6  

Rest on Day 7

Week 2

Workout n.2 on Day 1  

Workout n.1 on Day 2

Workout n.2 on Day 3  

Workout n.1 on Day 4  

Workout n.2 on Day 5  

Workout n.1 on Day 6  

Rest on Day 7

When you finish week 2, start doing week 1 again.

This is an amazing program that will offer you great results! You’ll have a tighter and stronger body and a completely improved overall health. Try to include healthier meals and drink a lot of water. This is also very, very important. Try it out today and be prepared to be amazed by the wonderful results!