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Magical Grass By The Name Paragis Will Help You Against Numerous Different Diseases!


This article will discuss an interesting grass called Paragis. It is known to treat numerous viral diseases throughout the whole world. People used it to feed their animals, but nothing more. Recently, some experts came to the conclusion that it possesses many medicinal benefits. This grass can mostly be found in the Philippines as well as some tropical countries. Numerous different countries have already used it and proved its wonders.

People in Africa use it to treat various illnesses. In Porac, Pampanga, the people from the tribe of Aeta use this grass to prepare an insect repellent. This amazing grass possesses protein. Its leaves are full of calcium oxide, chlorine compounds and silicon monoxide. It is full of antidiabetic, anti-inflammatory, antioxidant, antihistamine, diuretic and cytotoxic properties. Its leaves, roots and stem are the ones that are mostly used by boiling and as a herbal medicine.

Paragis can help you treat these diseases:

1. Cancer – It is full of antioxidants that can help you prevent the growth of cancer cells.

2. Myoma and Ovarian Cyst – Paragis tea can treat them.

3. Kidney Issues – Paragis can increase water in your body. It can also help you remove salt from your urine because of its diuretic properties.

4. Arthritis – Heat its leaves and apply them with some scraped coconut on the affected areas.

5. Diabetes – Paragis is full of antidiabetic properties. Take Paragis tea regularly.

6. Wound Bleeding – Apply Paragis mixture on the area.

7. Parasites – This grass is full of laxative properties that can help you against parasites in your body.

8. UTI – Boil Paragis leaves and you’ll treat UTI.

9. High Blood Pressure – Its stem and boiled leaves will help you decrease the risk of hypertension as well as balance it.

10. Fever – Boil Paragis roots and reduce fever.

11. Sprain – Crush some Paragis leaves and apply them on the problematic area.

12. Dandruff – Crush several Paragis leaves and stem. Combine them with coconut oil. Use this mixture as a shampoo. It will help you prevent hair falling and your hair will grow very fast.

13. Dysentery – Boil several Paragis roots. Consume this and it will help you against gastroenteritis e.g. diarrhea with blood.

Paragis can also help you against other health problems like malaria, asthma, epilepsy, bladder issues, hemoptysis, infertility in women, liver issues, jaundice etc. You’ll forget about any medicine when you try Paragis!