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This Is What The Lungs Of A Person Who Smoke For 20 Years Look Like, Explained By A Nurse!


Smoking is among the worst habits people have these days. It’s a completely addictive and people really try hard to stop with it. Some of them succeed, but some fail. But, were you aware about the effects smoking can cause to your lungs? In this article, we’re discussing about that!

Being Addicted To Smoking Has This Effect On Your Lungs:

You have a decreased immune system which will catch every cold and flu. Many dangerous illnesses and diseases can appear. Some of them are lung cancer, pneumonia and emphysema. It is known that 83% of patients who die belong to the group of chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) and 84% of the deaths are because of lung cancer.

The lung tissue becomes destroyed in time. The airways become very narrow, so you have difficulties breathing. Smokers have frequent infections of their chest and they also have phlegm when they cough.

Another bad thing is that throat cancer can appear. Over 93% of oropharyngeal cancers appear because of smoking!

Your lungs become inflamed because smoking eliminates the air sacs called alveoli. The damage smoking causes is truly permanent.

Our airways are full tiny hairs under the name of cilia. Smoking is one thing that can paralyze them. They are a necessary part of our lungs because they help us eliminate all of the dirt and mucus from them. Our lungs are cleaner because of them. When we don’t have them, we risk ourselves since the contaminants remain in our lungs. We can’t eliminate them.

It doesn’t mean that all smokers will have some problems in their lungs. The truth is, their risk of mortality is more increased than in people who don’t smoke. It has been scientifically proven that women are at an increased risk of lung cancer.

Here, we’re also going to offer you 2 videos about how smoking affects our lungs after we’ve smoked every day for a period of 20 years.  

They were a Facebook post by a nurse called Amanda Eller who comes from North Carolina. The 2 videos present 2 pairs of lungs: one of them belongs to a person who smoked for 20 years and the other to a non-smoker. It’s a visible difference: the healthy lungs are pink in color while the unhealthy are black.  

You Can Take A Look At The Videos Yourself:

When you pump air inside the lungs of a non-smoker, they function great, while when you do it to the lungs of a smoker, they find it difficult to expand.

Everyone is aware about the dangers smoking can cause, but some people still can’t quit it. Cigarettes are full of more than 5,000 different chemicals like nicotine and tar. Discover something that can help you be less stressed.

Some of the best suggestions include exercising, yoga as well as meditation. You need to include some lifestyle changes as well as think positively in order to change your life for the better! You are your only help! You should do what’s best for you and start feeling better and healthier!



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