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How to Lose Weight if You Weigh 200 lbs or More


It can be frustrating to have 200 lbs and not being able to lower your weight. You already have tried so many different thing, yet no visible effect is achieved.

It Will Surely Take Some Time

You have to accept the reality that you have 30-50 pounds more than you are allowed, and you need to invest some time and big effort to remove that fat. It will take the same time as you got the fat, several months or even a year.

When you want to lose some weight, you want to see results immediately. However, that kind of diet is not permanent. You have to allow to your body to adapt to the new diet and behavior changes.

Maybe, it will need 4 to 6 weeks to be able to notice some difference in your mirror. Make sure to not overburden your body with many new habits, because it will be too much for it. Make several new lifestyle changes and approach to the diet adjustment in several phases.

Each phase is going to become a part of your regular life and the transition to the next phases will be less shocking for your organism.

The First Diet Phase– Healthier Habits

The Weeks 1-3:

You should implement behavior changes that are not making significant modifications to the foods that you consume usually. That is known as Eating Healthier.

In this phase, you are just trying to find the small and simple changes in your diet, to prepare your body for the diet regime to come. In this phase you still are not on the diet.

  • You need to consume half butter than you are used to
  • Eliminate the creamer in your regular coffee.
  • You need to avoid adding mayonnaise on sandwiches and burgers.
  • Prepare some healthy snack rather than chips, if you are used to snack at night.
  • When you eat outside, avoid the cheese in the food
  • Do exercises at least once a week
  • You should drink plenty of water

The Second Diet Phase– Diet Content Changes

The Weeks 4-8:

You have come to the moment where you can make some more significant changes on the diet. You have passes the few weeks of preparing your body for this. Now, you need to focus on the content.

The first thing that you need to do is to add lean protein and more fiber in your diet, and remove the carbohydrates that are fast digesting. The body will start to make some changes that you have never seen before, once you start implementing these 3 factors into your meals.  

You are not going to have hunger craving between your meals since the fibers and the protein are going to keep you full. Removing the carbs from the diet has numerous benefits in everyone’s diet.

  • Sugar will spike insulin, and it can influence the fat storage
  • Raised insulin level also negates the possibility to feel full

Try to remove as many sugary, foods fast digesting as possible from the meals. Exercise at least two times a week for around 20-30 minutes.

The Third Diet Phase – Begin Calorie Restriction

The Week 9-Beyond

By now, you’ve made huge changes in your regular diet. It is a time to start restricting the calories in order to begin to accelerate losing the fat in the following weeks.

You need to adopt a progressive restriction, rather than reducing the daily calorie intake to minimum. You will need to reduce the calories intake to 200-300 per day.

In just several weeks, you are going to notice reducing of your weight.

What is The Reason To Stop Losing Weight

The human body has a calorie range that it has to maintain in order to sustain our weight.

For example, your weight is 200 lbs and you eat 3000-3500 calories per day. When you consistently consume the same amount of calories you are not going to lose or gain more weight.

You have to start a diet and also to reduce the calorie range to around 2800-3300 and that is going to become your new range for maintaining calories.

Then, when you continue to consume around 2800-3300 calories per day you are going to keep that weight, and you won’t lose or gain weight. You cannot resume the weight loss until you start lowering the calorie range for another 200 to 300 calories.

The body is going to adapt, lose several pounds, and it will normalize in the new range. If you want to lose more weight, you can re-adjust the calorie intake for the day.

Start exercising couple of times a week, while you are in this calorie restriction phase. Combine cardio exercises with calorie restriction each week, and your fat will start to burn much faster.